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How do speakers work?

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Speakers work by turning eletrical energy into sound. Speakers are an electromagnet that connects to a paper cone which moves the cone which moves the air. This is how speakers work.

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How do small speakers work?

the same way big speakers work

Which speakers work best with an Ipod?

Any set of good speakers will work great with an Ipod.It's only a source.If your speakers work well with your stereo they'll be great with an Ipod.

Can I buy something to make my speakers work wirelessly outside?

Yes, there are wireless speakers that will work outside. Try Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers .

Why will your speakers not work after replacing the front passenger side?

after replacing the drivers side the speakers still worked but after replacing the passenger side none of my speakers work

Bose outside speakers do not work?

If Bose brand speakers do not work outside perhaps they are too far away from the source. Bose outside speakers also require Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for them to work properly.

Why would my headphone jack work but not my speakers?

because the speakers aren't working

What do you do if the speakers don't work in your 1996 GMC Yukon?

put new speakers in

Why won't Dell Speakers work?

because they are cheep should not go there.

What do you do if your computer speakers don't work?

Well it depends on what the speakers are for? Is it for a laptop or a Desktop?

Who found the speakers?

Check Related links below; HowStuffWorks "How SpeakersWork"

Is there computer speakers that are wireless, and do they work just as well?

Yes there aer wireless computer speakers that work just as well as normal speakers. Try the Acoustic Research AW877 900 Mhz Indoor Wireless Speakers.

Do cordless speakers work just as well as normal speakers?

For the most part. As long as you purchase a good quality brand they will work well.

Which speakers will work best with my new 4 channel amp?

All speakers will work with a typical four channel amp, though you may want to check the wattage before you pair it with some speakers.

Will Bose 301 speakers work with a stereo?

Yes the Bose 301 Speakers will work with almost all speakers out there, and they are also compatible with televisions, and can be used as a surround sound home entertainment system too.

Can you make 8 ohm speakers work on a amp requiring 16 ohm speakers?

Yes, you can make 8 ohm speakers work on an amp requiring 16 ohm speakers, but you will need to use two 8 ohm speakers in series, so as to maintain the correct 16 ohm load.

If you plugged in a set of USB speakers into your PS3 would they work?

no it will not work

Which is best speakers for car?

ones that work

Why won't the speakers work on the computer?

plug them in

You cant get sound on your compute it has speakers on its monitor but they dont work then you plugged in other speakers and they dont work?

im afraid this is not a question, not even slightly.

Will 8 ohm speakers work an 16 ohm amplifier?

Yes, amplifiers do not have to match perfectly to the speakers.

How do you connect creative 4.1 speakers to hp compaq laptop?

Only 2.1 speakers work with laptops.

Can you use PC speakers on a tablet?

I have tried this before and it has not worked for me. I think your PC speakers only work on your PC. Also I just got a new TV and I tried the PC speakers and they didn't work. Hope this helps :)

What is the sound quality difference with wireless speakers?

There is not a significant difference in sound quality between wireless and wired speakers. The primary difference is user preference and the amount of work that it requires. Wired speakers are more work to install.

Is it possible to play logitech speakers through your ps3?

That depends on specifically which speakers you had in mind, but I use Logitech Surround Sound speakers with my PS3 and they work fine.

Will 20W speakers work with a 10W amplifier?

They'll work, but could blow.

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