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The sperm and egg cell reach each other in the water and fertalize the egg

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How are corals created?

Fake corals are usually spun through a clay molder. Real ones, however, are 'created' when the coral releases an egg cell and a sperm cell into the water where they combine

What does the tail in the sperm cell do?

it enables the sperm to move around to reach the egg

Can more than one sperm reach an egg?

It's not possible, because after one sperm cell reaches an egg, the egg cell slightly changes look to keep other sperm cells from reaching the same egg.

Where does the sperm cell reach maturity?

The human sperm cell reaches maturity in the scrotum. Since it requires lesser temperature than the human body, hence sperms develop and reach maturity in the scrotum.

Is sperm is a stem cell?

No, sperm are gametes. Stem cells have the ability to differentiate and form other cell types (which sperm cells can not).

How long does it take for a sperm cell to get to the egg cell?

Fast-swimming sperm can reach the egg in a half an hour, while others may take days. The sperm can live up to 48-72 hours.

How Is Sperm Cell Fertalized?

Sperm cells fertilize the ovum, they are not fertilized. The primary reason for how the term is used is because most sperm compete to reach and penetrate the egg.

Why is there a deadline for the egg to receive DNA from sperm?

Because the egg cell is carried down the oviduct by little hairs called cilia and the sperm cell has to reach the egg cell before it gets to the uterus (womb).

What does sperm produce?

Out of the 300 million sperm that is ejaculated, more or less 200 will survive. Those that survive will reach the egg cell, and only 1 has the ability to reach fertilization and become a baby.

What is the function of the tail of the sperm cell?

Helps the sperm swim and float. The tail is called cilia and it helps in the movement of the sperm. It makes it able to reach the egg. It is NOT cilia. It is a flagella.

Where does sperm cell can be found?

Sperm can be found in testicles, or semen after ejaculation (with other fluids).

What is the job of an egg ovum cell?

It is one half (the other half being the sperm) which grows into a foetus if it meets a sperm cell.

What occurs when a sperm cell unites with an egg cell?

When sperm reach an egg, there is a competition to get into the egg first. Since sperm travel in groups, theres a lot of competition. Once a sperm has penetrated the membrane, the membrane hardens, blocking the rest of the sperm out. Once inside, the sperm releases its genetic material, and the egg cell divides, and will continue so until a new baby is born.

What is the size of a sperm cell?

The sperm cell is about the size of a full stop (.).

Why can only one sperm cell enter the egg cell?

After one enters the egg or ovum seals itself. The other sperm will die.

A kind of cell reproduction that forms eggs and sperm?

Meiosis is the name of the type of cell division that forms eggs and sperm. Mitosis is the other kind of cell reproduction, which forms most other types of cells.

What is the funtion of a sperm cell?

The sperm cell has a tail called a cilia, and the sperm cell is the smallest of all cells, meaning the sperm cell can swim or force its way to the egg cell.

Is the sperm cell a multicellular?

No sperm cell is made up of single cellular structure. The word Sperm consist of millions of sperm cell.

What does a sperm cell do inside a womb?

A sperm cell in the womb may find the egg cell and fertilize it. That would start the process of pregnancy. The egg provides half the genetic material needed, and the sperm provides the other half.

What are 3 other specialised animal cells?

simple sperm cell red blood cell nerve cell

The function of the sperm cell?

The function of the sperm cell is to fertilize an egg cell.

Is sperm a animal or plant cell?

The sperm cell is a type of animal cell.

The chromosome number of a human sperm cell is?

23, the other 23 are in the human egg cell

WHAT IS a haploid cell that combines with another haploid cell during fertilization?

Typically, one is a sperm cell and the other is an egg cell.

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