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The same way they breathe

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What are Layers of respiratory tissue stacked like the pages of a book through which spiders respire?

Book lungs

Do plants also respire?

Yes, plants respire all the time.yes, plants dp respire. yes, plants dp respire.

Why do you need to respire?

we need air to respire

Do human respire?

Yes, humans do respire. Respiration is one of the seven life processes, you have to respire to live, humans are living things so they do respire.

Do all organism breath?

All organisms respire. Plants do not breathe, but they respire. Animals breathe to respire.

What organisms respire?

All plants and animals respire. There are even some forms of bacteria that respire. Plants respire through photosynthesis, and expel carbon dioxide instead of oxygen.

How do jellyfish respire?

Jellyfish respire through their body surface.

Does a virus respire?

No. It is not alive so it doesn't need to respire.

How do penguins respire?

Penguins breathe or respire in the same way that humans respire. They take air in through their nostrils where it travels to their lungs.

Can plants respire in the dark?

Yes, they can respire in dark very well.

Why do animals need to respire?

Yes. Respire is another word for breathe, but when we are talking about plants and other living things, the correct term is respire.

In what processes are energy released?

It is released when it is burnt and then we respire it out. It is released when it is burnt and then we respire it out.

How do amphibians respire?

Amphibians respire by continually dilating and contracting the buccopharyngeal cavity

Do animals and plants respire like humans?

not like humans but they do respiration but how do they respire then ?

Do animal respire?

Respiration is breathing. Animals breathe, so animals respire.

When do your muscles need to respire faster?

your muscle dont respire, your heart and lungs need to respire more whilst taking part in a physical activity.

What types of organisms can respire?

Organisms that can respire are any organisms that have mitochondria's. One examples are animals that can respire because they convert glucose into usable energy.

Can plants photosynthesize and respire at the same time?

Yes, the can photosynthesize and respire at the same time.

How does fishes respire in water?

Fish respire in water through gas exchange in their gills.

What is the duration of Comme elle respire?

The duration of Comme elle respire is 1.75 hours.

Why do animals respire?

Not only animals respire even plants respire. In respiration they take up oxygen. This O2 is used for oxidation of food which results in release of energy.

Why do animal cells respire?

Animal cell respire because of the energy generated by cellular respiration

Do the plants respire all day and all night or only at night?

They respire through out the day.

Why can't plants respire at day?

Plants need to photozynthesis during day does not enable them to respire.

Do bacteria use cellular respiration?

Yes,of course they must respire. They should respire to obtain energy