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How do streams and rivers change with the seasons?

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Summers - rivers dry up due to the hot sun, winter - the river gets very cold and water starts freezing, monsoon - water gets muddy, due to heavy rains rivers start over flowing

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How do streams and rivers change the landscape?

They erode the banks.

How do rivers and streams change the landscape?

They erode the landscaping around them.

Where do rivers and streams begin?

Scientists say that rivers and streams begin in the mountains

Do all streams lead to the ocean?

Rivers always lead to the ocean, but streams can to. Usually streams lead to lakes, bigger streams or rivers.

What rivers are in Monaco?

There are no rivers but there are streams.

What is unusual about the rivers and streams that flow intothe great basin?

Small streams flow into rivers and the rivers flow to bigger rivers.

Average rainfall of rivers and streams?

Rivers and streams occur in every climate in the world.

What kind of water does rivers and streams have?

Majority of rivers and streams have fresh water flowing in them.

How many rivers and streams are there in the state of Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has more than 12,600 rivers and streams

What is the weather of rivers and streams?

the is always changeing in rivers and streams never the same about 66 to 77

What kind of herbivores live in rivers and streams?

Beavers and otters are herbivores and live in rivers and streams.

What regions have fast-moving rivers and streams?

what region has fast moving rivers and streams

How many rivers does Cyprus have?

there are 35 streams if you search for are there rivers in Cyprus it will say 35 streams but give 26 rivers :D

Streams all come together at a?

Streams join together to become rivers. Then the water from the rivers and streams will eventually run into the ocean or a lake.

What is the difference between streams and rivers and ponds and lakes?

Streams and rivers flow down a long path and ponds and lakes stay in one place and not flowing like streams and rivers.

How does erosion change earth's surface?

Erosion changes the surface by creating rivers, streams and valleys.

What primary consumers live in streams and rivers?

one main primary consumer in streams and rivers are FISH

Which of the falowing is not true of both streams and rivers?

Both streams and rivers can be considered the trunk of a river system.

Water that flows in streams and rivers into oceans and lakes?

the water that flows into rivers,streams,and lakes is.RUNOFF

what rivers receive water from smaller streams call?


Why do most rivers have wider channels than most streams?

Streams are merely tributaries of rivers. A river is the wider channel into which smaller creeks, streams and rivers flow. (Streams do not flow out of rivers.) Streams carry water from higher sources, emptying into the river. As more streams empty into a river, it tends to become broader, simply because of the greater volume of water it is carrying.

Are rivers and streams saltwater?


Why do streams and rivers cause erosion?

the water in the streams and rivers wear away at the banks and the rocks in the water flow.

How do rivers and streams affect the water cycle?

Rivers and streams provide water for evaporation. They affect the water cycle.

What are streams?

streams are very small rivers, small amounts of water.

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