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Tarantulas are actually a calm spider. They spend most of their time in underground burrows, unless they are actively hunting.


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In the desert or really anywhere. Even in your socks.

to reproduce tarantulas is to have baby tarantulas be born.

I don't really know a lot, but you can find some tarantulas in South America or maybe in the dessert. If you think you know more than me that's good!

Only Arboreal tarantulas can.

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No. Tarantulas are not mammals they are arachnids

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Some tarantulas may be caught by predators, such as wasp. Other tarantulas may starve or get a disease. Only some of the tarantulas will survive into adulthood. By: Takara Knight

tarantulas weigh 3lbs maximum

tarantulas got their name from Taranto,Italy

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Tarantulas live in burrows they dig.

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The Tarantula Hawk preys on tarantulas

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No, there are no tarantulas native to Wyoming.

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