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How do teens stunt their growth?


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teens stunt their growth by working out to much, or drinking to much coffee


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No, weight training in general does not stunt your growth. This is a myth, as people thought the growing ends of the bone could stop if damaged, but this is undocumented. Pushups are very beneficial to kids and teens.

Yes, marijuanna does stunt your growth.

doe swimming stunt peoples growth \

Maybe, but it won't stunt your growth

No it doesn't stunt physical growth but there are deodorants out there that stunt hair growth. Sure and Dove and hair minimising roll-ons and sprays.

no it cannot stunt your growth but it does affect the size of your breasts or penis.

i dont think it will stunt your growth.

no, it does not. it is thought to, but it won't stunt your growth! it is still not good for you.

Nope - masturbation does not stunt your growth !

There is no scientific reason for soy milk to stunt your growth.

over strength training has proven to stunt growth and some supplements (steroids) also can stunt growth

Weight vests will not stunt your growth. A person's growth in all internal and it does not matter what types of items they have on them.

no. but it will stunt your dignity.

No coffee does not stunt your growth.

No, puberty is involved with growth.

No. They help your growth.

No it can not. Marijuana is a perfectly natural and safe herb. It won't stunt your growth, it will make you happy.

Don't stunt a rabbits growth. How do you stunt a humans growth? Don't stunt a humans growth. A rabbitis,as humans are, a living, feeling, breathing creature. To attempt to alter in any way, the growth rate of a rabbit will negatvely effect this creature. Try stunting a human first, then pubicly demonstrate it. Think of the reaction.Rabbits have been targeted for vivisection for years, give them a break. P.S DO NOT STUNT A HUMAN'S GROWTH

Weight training will not stunt your growth. However, that does not mean that it is advisable before the age of about 16.

Light workouts should not stunt growth at all, but bench pressing heavy weights can.

no lifting will not stunt your growth

No, it is unlikely to be the cause of stunting growth

Heavy lifting will not stunt your growth. Your growth depends mainly upon eating a good diet. Smoking cigarettes is known to stunt the growth of a child, mainly because it reduces appetite and so leads to an inadequate diet.

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