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How do the Jews feel after Jesus death?


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Many of the Jewish people were scared and upset, mainly after the curtain tore in two, and the darkness . They said Jesus was truly the son of God. Pilate was greatly upset so much so that he committed suicide.


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No, the Nazi persecution of the Jews was political, not religious.

Jesus was taken by the Jews to the roman governor Pilate. As the Jews had nopower to send a man to death.

Jesus did what the Jews called Blasphemy, which means that He claimed to be God. This crime is punishable by death as written in the Old Testiment.

Must be the Romans, because if it were the Jews, then Jesus will be stoned to death. Pontius Pilate condemned Jesus to be crucified.

At Jesus death on the cross, Mary his mother and the disciples , as well as the Roman soldiers and the Jews and priests. Also the two robbers were there.

sad! how would you feel if a sibling of yours died!

I, as a Christian do NOT blame the Jews for 'murdering' Christ. Jesus Christ died for our sins, as our savior. He died so that Christians, or followers of Christ, would have their salvation with The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit after death. In other words, he was the perfect sacrifice. Christians who believe that Jesus was "Murdered" by Jews are simply those who have not studied enough. Some are just misinformed. It was pre-ordained. If the Jews murdered Jesus, then it would be by "stoning to death". Or; Granting that the Jews murdered Jesus; It was God who made the Jews His instrument for Jesus dying and saving mankind. Therefore, Christians should be thanking the Jews not hating them.

Fear, bigotry, and Christian belief-based hatred (such as the mistaken notion that Jews are responsible for the death of Jesus).

A:No. Quite the reverse - they feel they have no reason to believe Jesus was the son of God.

A:Persecution of the Jews began under Constantine and his successor sons. As Christians, they barely tolerated the Jews, seemingly blaming them for the death of Jesus.

Jesus did die for the sins of both the Jews and Gentiles (non-Jews). However, after Christ's death and resurrection, many Jews chose not to believe in Jesus Christ. Therefore, those that do not believe are not saved. Although Jesus died for the salvation of all people, if people choose not to believe in Him, they cannot be saved.

Here we must remember that all of mankind are responsible for Jesus s death as we all are have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god.

The Pharisees didn't like Jesus because he did things differently to them. They also got jealous that the Jews listened to him more than them. They used heaps of lies and bribing to get Jesus put to death.

Jews for Jesus was created in 1973.

Caliphs the high priest tried Jesus , but as the Jews did not have the power to send anyone to death. He then sent Jesus to Pilate to sentence him to death on the cross.

There wasn't christians before Jesus. We are talking about the Jews. They brought animal sacrifices, which actually anticipated the coming of the Messiah/Jesus.

It symbolizes the death of Jesus. Jesus was the messiah that the Jews had been waiting for. Jesus was crucified on a cross, and he was wearing a crown of thorns.

INRI was written on the cross to mock Jesus Christ in his torture and death. It means "Jesus: King of the Jews."

Christian answer:In addressing a group of Jews about their role in the death of the Messiah, the apostle Peter said the words in Acts 3:14-17. Jesus' death would be beneficial-but not for the Jews only. His ransom sacrifice would provide the means to release all mankind from bondage to sin and death. Jewish answer:Jews believe that Jesus died in the same manner as other people and without any miracles or special significance.

Jesus must have been sad at the news as they were first cousins, and John baptized Jesus as well.

First Jesus was sent to be tried by the Jews and their high priest , but as the Jews had no power to sentence anybody to death , they then sent Jesus to the roman governor Pontius Pilate , who then set Barabas free and sent Jesus to die on the cross. as it was prophesied ages ago.

Jews and Jesus have very little to do with each other, despite Jesus having been born Jewish. See:Why didn't the Jews believe in Jesus?

The Jews are blamed for the death of Jesus because it was the Jewish religious leaders who manipulated Herod and Pilate into crucifying Jesus by charging Jesus with breaking certain Jewish laws making him worthy of death. The Romans would have rather released Jesus that day and crucified Barabbas. But the Jewish mobs at the behest of the Jewish leaders clamored for the release of Barabbas and the crucifixion of Jesus.

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