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because they created the world

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Q: How do the egyptians believe that the world was created?
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Do Egyptians believe Ra made the world?

No. They believed he turned into the sun for the day and gave the Egyptians light.

Why did Egyptians believe in their gods?

The Egyptians believed in their gods and goddess because of how they perceived the nature of the world around them.

How do Egyptians think the world was created?


Did Islams believe that god created the world?

If you mean "do muslims believe that God created the world" then yes, they do believe that Allah created the world. Hope this helps.

What did the Egyptians believe about the shape of the world?

they believed the world was flat and if you walked far you would see the end of the world

Do Hindu's believe that God created the world?

I think Hindus believe that they god created the world.

The egyptians believed that the world was created out of somthing. What was it?

The water

How do Islam believe the world was created?

first of all its how do MUSLIMS believe the world was created. we believe the world was created by god. World was created by The Creator-One God (Allah swt).In this matter Islam doesn't differ much from Christian teachings.

How do the Indians believe the world was created?

The Indians believe the world was not created. They believe that the universe has always been in existence and will never come to an end.

Did the egytains believe the world would end in the future?

The ancient Egyptians believed in the afterlife but had no theory on the end of the world.

Did ancient Egyptians only believe in one god?

no egyptians did'nt believe in one god

How old do the Egyptians think think the earth is?

The majority of Modern Egyptians are Islamic Creationists who believe the world is between 6000-9000 years old.

How many days do Muslims believe God created the world?

Muslims believe that Allah created the world in seven days

What did the egyptians believe happened when the body was ready for the journey to the under world?

They couldn't find it yet.

How did the Persians believe the world was created?

the gods created it

Why did Egyptians believe gods favored them?

because the Egyptians were reverent

What did Egyptians believe that there pharaohs were?

The egyptians believed their pharohs were gods

Who created the only surviving ancient world wonder?

The Egyptians. Pharaoh Cheops.

Why do Muslims believe that God created the world?

Muslims got their beliefs mainly from the Bible. The Bible records that the world is created by God and hence Muslims believe that God created the world.

How do the ancient Egyptians believe they learned how to write?

Egyptians believe that they learned how to write from the great egyptian god thoth.

Did Egyptians believe in monotheism or polytheism?

Almost all Egyptians are monotheistic.

What did Egyptians believe about their rulers?

The Egyptians beleived their rulers or "Phaerohs" to be Gods.

Did the Egyptians believe in god?

The ancinet Egyptians believed in many gods and goddesses.

How do the Aborigines believe the world was created?


Who do Sikhs believe created the world?