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The only disconnect is in the transfer case.

The only disconnect is in the transfer case.

On the front axle, on the right side there is a disconnect housing with a sift fork that moves a shift collar to engage the the axle. Inside the disconnect housing the axle from the pig stops and the axle to the wheel starts. The shift collar slide over both axles to bridge the gap. The shift fork is controlled by the motor assembly which is controlled by air lines.

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What type of oil should you be puting in the front differential of a 2002 Dodge Dakota 4x4 front differential oil?

The front differential uses 80w90.

What is the Rear differential capacity of a Dodge Dakota?

Approx 2 quarts

What is the oil capacity of 1995 Dodge Dakota differential?

about 2.5 quarts

What viscocity differential oil goes in a 1998 dodge Dakota?


What is wrong with a 1991 dodge Dakota truck if when you have it in gear with the 4x4 engaged it works great but disengage the 4x4 and it won't do anything?

Your rear axle is probably out. This would explain it moving in 4x4 because its utilizing the front axle.

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How do you find out what differential is in your 2000 Dodge Dakota 4x4?

Look on the internet stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

What is the oil capacity of 2004 Dakota rear differential?

Just over 2 quarts.

What type of rear differential oil for a 2000 Dodge Dakota?

75w90 gear oil.

What type of rear differential oil does a dodge Dakota take?

75-140 synthetic

Is anything lighter than air?


Why won't the actuator switch unlock the front differential on 2000 dodge Dakota disengage. the front driveshaft remains engaged from the differential and spins even out of 4 wd. Is it a switch?

I do not think that there is a front axle disconnect. If there is then it is vacuum controlled and the problem is either a switch or a broken line.I do not think that there is a front axle disconnect. If there is then it is vacuum controlled and the problem is either a switch or a broken line.

How do you replace the ABS differential sensor on a 1995 3.9L Dodge Dakota?

If you know it is bad, just unbolt the hold down and pull it out.

Where do you find the gear box on a 1993 Dodge Dakota?

I think what your talking about is you final drive gears. They are in your differential. You also have a gears in your transmission.

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How many differentials on a 2001 Dodge Dakota?

if 4x2 only 1 differential which is the pumpkin between your rear axle, if 4x4, there will be a transfer case at the front of the vehicle coming off of the transmission going to front drive shaft and front differential.

How do you know if your 1993 Dakota has rear or 4 wheel anti- lock brakes?

The fronts will have wiring to the backside of the dustshield. The rears will have a sensor in the differential.

Does Dodge Dakota have rear locking differential?

Some years may have, the question needs to be more specific. Neither my 1994, nor my 2002 dakotas had it.

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What sensor is it that controls the dash light indicators for the four wheel drive and antilock brake system in a Dodge Dakota truck?

The Differential Speed Sensor that is mounted on the top/front of the rear differential. Spray it with some wd40 before trying to remove the retaining bolt and then pry it out.

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Can you put a ford 351 into a 2002 dodge Dakota?

Anything is possible, but this would not be easy.