How do the nutrients in rice and alternatives help your body?

It depends on which type you are talking about, and what matters to you.
Carbohydrates release sugar slowly therefore giving you slow-release energy. Also it helps you to eat less. E.g. If you have Sugars, you would get quick-release energy but, it would make you want to have more. Portions are as important as the nutrients, vitamins and minerals itself. Protein helps repair and grow the body, which is quite important for growing children/teenagers or even adults. They help the body in all sorts of ways. Fibre, Fruit & Veg, Protein, Sugars, Carbohydrates, these are all important because they help the body inside and outside. Look at the food pie chart for more information on portions and nutrients. If this doesn't help then look on another website please.( Sorry & Thank you for using your time on this)

It contains carbohydrate, which gives you energy
It provides us with energy as rice and alternatives are human beings staple food.
They help your body stay strong and healthy.