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How do the phases of the moon affect human behavior?

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It is a popular belief from time immemorial that moon affects human behavior. Even mental health institutes claim the behavior of mental patients becomes more abnormal during the full moon day and new moon day. What is it due to?

The Competitive Blockade:

If two thoughts try to enter the conscious mind at precisely the same time it results in none of the thoughts succeeding in entering it. this gives us false peace and false self-control.

This is an accident and soon just one thought succeeds in entering it. However, if we have voluntary force we can repeat it as long as wish or as long as we have voluntary force.

Failure of Competitive Blockade:

The blockade fails when our voluntary force is depleted.

Voluntary force is generated during success and thus can be a precious commodity for us.

When voluntary force is about to be depleted we can,

1. Transfer the emotion of the unwanted thought to a socially acceptable thought and allow the socially accepted thought to manifest as action.

2. Make the blockade automatic.

Unfortunately, both the options have their drawbacks.

1. If the transferred emotion is of huge magnitude even our socially acceptable action would look exaggerated. To avoid this we can distort the socially acceptable thought to such an extent that it can't get converted into action easily.

2. Making the blockade involuntary has drawback that we can't unblock the blockade and return to the real world to interact with people around us.

Timing of manifestation of bizarre thought as action:

If we make the unwanted thought bizarre and allow it to manifest as action it would manifest as mental abnormality. Our only hope then would be to make it manifest as abnormal action just on one day so that we can spend that day alone. Selecting a day on the calender has the drawback that anything associated with calender would result in abnormal behavior. Therefore, the moon is selected as it appears only in the night and thus can be avoided looking at.

Thus, our bizarre thought can manifest as action on full or new moon day only.

Thus the behavior human beings becomes abnormal on full and new moon days even though the moon has nothing to do with it.

Popular legend has it that the full moon brings out the worst in people: more violence, more suicides, more accidents, and more aggression.

However, this aggravation of abnormal human behavior during full moon day is not the cause of the abnormality. It is just an attempt of the abnormal person to restrict his abnormalities to just a few days of a month. If it were to be the cause it would have affected the behavior of the majority of people.

There is anecdotal evidence that the phases of the moon cause a variety of behavioral changes in humans and animals. There is anecdotal evidence that the phases can change some humans into animals. There is no scientific evidence to show that the moon affects human behaviour. There is a lot of scientific evidence indicating that the moon affects the tides.


Phases of moon and human behavior:

If we want we can let moon affect our behavior. If we don't want, we can make it totally independent of it.

We let moon affect our behavior to restrict our abnormal behavior to just full or new moon day. Even on these days, since our abnormality would be at midnight, it would go unnoticed.

This aggravation during full or new moon day would make scientists come to the wrong conclusion that it is the phases of the moon that is aggravating abnormal human behavior.

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