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Commercial vehicle coverage will cost more. It has to cover any person driving and the more likely lawsuits against companies.


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The best insurance for a commercial vehicle is a comprehensive plan that provides not only liability coverage, but also includes coverage for cargo, and the vehicle itself.

A commercial vehicle such as a truck or limo needs to have a very high coverage cost because they are used for commercial purposes. The most common insurance for them is comprehensive insurance.

Commercial vehicle Insurance with "For Hire" coverage. Basically the same type of coverage a Taxi Cab would need.

Many auto insurance companies offer commercial vehicle insurance. For example, Geico offers commercial vehicle insurance. You can talk to your local agents too.

You must have adequate coverage regardless of whether or not the vehicle is commercial or not. If you're a business person then insurance upon your vehicles is often a tax deductible business expense so long as you're definitely using the vehicles for commercial purposes.

Autonet Insurance specializes in the commercial automobile market. This includes fleet vehicle insurance, commercial vehicle insurance and commercial van insurance.

No. Your personal auto Insurance Policy provides NO coverage for Company owned or commercial vehicles.

Your personal auto coverage will not cover their vehicles. What they are probably asking for is to make sure you have coverage in case you drive your vehicle on errands or such for the company. If you go to the post office to get the company mail your personal auto insurance will be the primary insurance and then if they have an endorsement to their insurance called "hired and non-owned auto" it will provide secondary coverage over and above your coverage to protect them in case of an accident. Their coverage insists that you as the employee have primary insurance on your vehicle. Also note that the company insurance will not pay for damage to your vehicle.

A commercial vehicle insurance is necessary to insure the parties involve in any auto accidents

It might. You should check with your personal auto insurance first. For some business use they will extend the coverage. If they tell you that it will not be covered under your personal policy then you need a commercial policy.

In automobile insurance, collision coverage provides for repairing a vehicle when it is damaged due to the fault of the insured. Liability insurance provides for cost of repair of the OTHER vehicle if you damaged it.

Barring any exclusions in the policy, the insurance 'stays with the car' so your insurance will pay for the damage to the innocent persons vehicle (under your liablity coverage). If you have collison coverage on your vehicle/policy it too will pay to repair your vehicle less the deductible. If there is no collision coverage on your vehicle and the driver has a policy with collision coverage the drivers collision coverage may step in and repair your vehicle, but ONLY if you don't have collision coverage.

Commercial vehicle insurance is considerably more expensive than the premiums for a personal vehicle. With a commercial vehicle, the risk (to the business) is far greater. Depending on the vehicles themselves, there is additional risk. A huge delivery truck stands to do more damage than a two-door hatchback. The nature of the business, the size of the fleet and other factors are considered when writing a commercial policy.

Some insurance companies like Progressive will cover a non-owned vehicle meaning a vehicle in which you have no legal or financial interest. Check around if your insurance company does not provide coverage to non-owned vehicles.

Liability Insurance and the Stolen VehicleNo, Liability Insurance provides coverage for damages or injuries that we cause to others. It does not provide coverage for our own vehicle damages or theft.

Usually, it is the responsibility of the owner. However, if you have insurance on your vehicle, they will step in as secondary coverage...including covering the damage to the vehicle you were driving, if you have the coverage.

Regular automobile insurance helps a car owner if the car hits a commercial vehicle. A commercial vehicle needs commercial insurance or a commercial rider in many states. Check with your agent.

No. The "standard" auto policy will not cover a two-vehicle unit. You can get motorcycle coverage with a company. Dairyland used to be one of the primary companies for motorcycle coverage. Check with an independent insurance agent that handles personal lines coverage. Most know the companies that would be suited to write the motorcycle coverage for you.

An SR22 filing would have to accompany your Personal auto insurance policy. Personal Auto insurance "never" provides coverage for a commercial company vehicle with or without an SR22 filing.

One should get commercial vehicle insurance if they have a business with a fleet of cars, SUVs, trucks or vans. They can all be insured under one commercial vehicle insurance and be covered in case of accidents or damage.

NO. Commercial (or Fleet) insurance is much more expensive than general insurance. However, if you are asking whether insurance is cheaper for a commercial vehicle (carrying produce for example) than a bus (carrying passengers) then, yes, it is cheaper.

You can find great rates on commercial insurance at

Western Truck Insurance Services offers coverage for commercial vehicles ( However, most insurers like Geico and State Farm also offer these type polices too.

Commercial vehicle insurance in the UK can be obtained from various companies. Prices can be compared on GoCompare but a few of the possible insurers are Swinton Commercial, Churchill or Insure my Vehicle.

A personal vehicle is one that is typically used by one person, either for personal or business use. A commercial vehicle is normally not used for personal use. It may be a vehicle used to transport hazardous material, or a vehicle in need of higher liability insurance coverage.

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