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Oxygen diffuses 1.4 times as fast as sulfur dioxide.

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What is 50 percent sulfur and 50 percent oxygen?

Sulfur dioxide contains (nearly) equal masses of sulfur and oxygen.

Compare to the mass of a hydrogen atom the mass of an oxygen atom is how many times greater?

The masses of hydrogen, oxygen, and all the elements are on the periodic table. The mass for hydrogen is 1.01, and that for oxygen, 16.0, so a single oxygen atom weighs as much as 16 hydrogen atoms.

How do the masses of electrons compare with the masses of protons?

The mass of a proton is 1836 times greater than the mass of an electron.

What is one way to compare two masses?

Compare their weights when they're both in the same gravitational environment ... on the surface of the Earth, for example. Under those conditions, their weights will be directly proportional to their masses.

How do you calculate the masses of carbon dioxide hydrogen and oxyen at STP?

If you know moles of each use their molar masses to convert to mass.

What are the masses of uranium and in uranium oxide?

The percentage of uranium in uranium dioxide is 88,149.

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