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Male Spiders fertilize the eggs when the eggs are still in the female. (And then very often the male gets eaten by the female; in most spider families the female is considerably larger than the male).

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What happens during frog fertilisation?

frogs use external fertilisation so the sperm is released into the water and the eggs are are released into water then the sperm fertilises the eggs

Do dogs have external or internal fertilisation?

dogs have internal fertilisation which means that thier babies grow inside of them and they do not lay eggs

If you use external fertilisation do you lay eggs?


Can eggs hatch in an oven?

if you mean eggs you buy in a store, then no, because these eggs were conceived by the bird without male fertilisation.

What happenes to sperm if it does not meet eggs?

well, nothing. no fertilisation happened

When spiders eggs hatch?

Spider eggs hatch when they want to hatch you ever think about that spider eggs have feelings too

External fertilisatin occurs in frogs and mullet. Whty these animals produce many more eggs than human or mice do?

In humans and mice fertilisation is internal and the chance of fertilisation is more.But in frogs and those which lay eggs externally,the chance of fertilisation is less since they are prone to destruction.Inorder for their survival,they lay more no. of eggs than needed

What is external fertillization?

A female fish lays thousands of eggs in a quiet place. Her mate squirts sperm over the eggs, fertilising them. Because the fertilisation is done outside the female's body, this is called external fertilisation.

Does a spider need a mate to lay eggs?

Yes. It takes a male and a female spider for the female spider to lay eggs. The male spider wraps his semen inside a ball of spider silk and deposits that inside the female. The female spider usually surrounds her eggs in a cocoon made of spider silk.

How many eggs do spider lay?

depends on the spider.

How many eggs does a Funnel Web Spider Lay?

how many eggs does a funnel web spider lay

How much eggs does a spider lay?

about 1,000 eggs

Was there spider eggs in a lady's mouth?

Yes a lady had spider eggs in her mouth from licking stamps with the eggs on it. The eggs gotimbeddedin her lip and hatches. The spiders then crawled out of her mouth.

What spider lays eggs that are orange?

an Arabian cameltoe spider

How many eggs can a female wolf spider lay?

A female wolf spider can lay up to 300 eggs

Are spider eggs in bubble gum?

Why would spider eggs be in gumballs but i guess i want to know whats in itwhere would you get that from ...... no they are not in bubble gum so dont worry no spider eggs in ur mouth

Advantages of external fertilisation?

There has not been any huge advantage but they can produce a number of the eggs.

The functions of the oviducts?

Tubes which eggs travel down to the uterus. Fertilisation occurs here.

How does chicken lay egg with no fertilisation?

They lay eggs just the same, but they wont hatch.

How many eggs are in a spider egg sack?

366 eggs

How many eggs the spider monkey lay?

Spider Monkey Are Mammals and can not lay eggs they give birth do live animals.

Does a spider lay its eggs with hard shells?

I've never heard of a spider with hard eggs. I always heard they were soft.

How many babies can a jewel spider?

it can have 1000 eggs the jewel spider

Why do some land mammals use internal fertilisation?

Some land mammals use internal fertilisation because it is safer, and they can make sure that their offspring/eggs are not in danger. They can also make sure that their offspring/eggs are not being eaten by other animals.

Does a scorpion lay eggs?

scorpion does not lay eggs. it is not like the spider which lay eggs.