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All ultraviolet radiation has shorter wavelengths than any microwave.

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How are ultraviolet radiation and infrared radiation different?

Ultraviolet radiation means:ultraviolet: radiation lying in the ultraviolet range; wave lengths shorter than light but longer than X rays. Infrared radiation means: electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves.

How long are X ray wave lengths compared with ultraviolet wave lengths?

X-rays are shorter waves than ultraviolet ones.

What kind of waves can be seen by insects?

Unlike humans, insects have the ability to see ultraviolet wave lengths. The champions at sensing infrared radiation are believed to be the beetles.

Why does ultraviolet light cause more damage to your skin than visible light?

because ultraviolet light is radiation lying in the ultraviolet range, with wave lengths shorter than light but longer than x rays, while visible light can be seen by the human eye so therefore can be avoided easier

Are microwave cooked foods dangerous?

Not at all. Food cooked in the microwave does not contain any microwave radiation. However, you could burn your mouth if, for example, you heat a danish in the microwave and bite into it too soon as the bready outer part can seem cool enough to eat while the filling is still dangerously hot. But on the other hand microwave use the same wave lengths as xrays and such and could possibly harm you depending on the age of the microwave.

What has the author Florence Elisabeth Meier Chase written?

Florence Elisabeth Meier Chase has written: 'Increased stimulation of the alga Stichococcus bacillaris by successive exposures to short wave lengths of the ultraviolet' -- subject(s): Plants, Effect of ultraviolet radiation on, Growth (Plants), Stichococcus bacillaris

What is the form of energy with wave lengths that are shorter than violet light?


Compare the relative lengths and paths of the uterine tubes of the fetal pig and the human.?

compare the relative lengths and paths of the uterine tubes of the fetal pig and in the human

Is sun rays ionising radiation or non ionising?

Some of the sun's rays are ionizing and some not. The portion that is not ionizing is the visible spectrum, anything with longer wavelength (infrared), and a bit of the ultraviolet spectrum. The shorter wave lengths are all ionizing.

Why the APR does not compare loans for different lengths of time?

bc they do not care

Compare the charge of alpha beta and gamma radiation?

Alpha particles are fast moving helium neuclei and thus have a positive charge, Beta radiation is composed of fast moving free electrons and thus negatively charged, but gama radiation is just nonvisable light of super short wave lengths and is thus of neutral charge as with all photons.

What kind of electromagnetic radiation do pulsars emit?

All electromagnetic wave lengths (light)

How do ratios of side lengths compare for similar triangles?

they both have the same ratios

How do you Calculate the frequency of 337.1 wavelength of nitrogen laser wave lengths of electromagnetic radiation?

In order to calculate the frequency of 337.1 wavelength of nitrogen laser wave lengths of electomagnetic radiation, you would have to understand that the the speed of light is 3.00 by 10.8 m/s.

Why does the APR not compare loans for different lengths of time?

people have common pain of suffering

What is the primary function of the clear glass of the greenhouse?

the glass allows short wave lengths of radiation to enter, but reduces the amount of long-wave length radiation that escapes

How do you compare two lengths that are measured in different sized units?

You can mutiply or divide the units to find the answer.

Given two sides with lengths 34 and 14 which of the following lengths would NOT work for the third side of a triangle?

There are not any following lengths in the question to compare. Using the sizes given, and Pythagorean Theorem, the Hypotenuse of the triangle is 36.76 - which will have to do!

Why ozone layer absorbs the ultraviolet radiation from the sun?

The inter-atomic bonds in ozone have the same energy as ultra-violet light, therefore they are bound to absorb compatible wave-lengths. As the molecule is flexing in three dimension the energy of the bonds are spread over a range of energies and therefore can absorb a range of UV

Which intestine is longer -large or small and how do their lengths compare?

I don't really know but i think small.

How do the lengths of two radii of the same circle compare?

The sum of two radii of a circle is the same as the diameter of the circle.

How do these lengths of time compare to the length of time food normally stays in the stomach?

The real thing is , I Don't know the answer!

Do HDMI cables come in different sizes?

Yes they do. They vary in size depending on what you need to connect them to. Different companies offer different lengths, so you can compare lengths and prices before you purchase a cord.

Does the length of a man who is 1.7 m long compare to the length of a paramecium which is 85 microm long?

Yes, you can compare any two lengths and the answer is that the man's length is very much greater.

Is a pint more than a meter?

Pints measure volume, and meters measure lengths/distances. Can't compare the two

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