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The women all have very strong reactions after Montag finishes reading the poem to them, after being denied the ability to feel for so long by the mass media and culture, its especially upsetting to be exposed to something so passionate, raw and thought provoking.

Before Montag reads "Dover Beach" to the women, Mrs. Phelps had just nonchalantly told Mildred and Mrs. Bowles about her husband leaving for war. She seemed unfazed by his absence and possible death.

After the poem is read she begins to cry, and is unable to explain what is causing this reaction in her.

Mrs. Bowles is quite incensed and is angry with Montag for stirring up trouble for no good reason.

The general idea seems to be that "life is pleasant, so why dwell on the unpleasant and spoil our fun."

Mildred is also upset and her two companions leave quite shaken.

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Q: How do the women react to Montag's reading of Dover Beach in fahrenheit 451?
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