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Q: How do the works of Jackson Pollock and John Cage mirror developments in?
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What kind of painting did Jackson Pollock do?

Jackson Pollock created abstract painting drippings. Pollock usually works on the floor and on a big canvas. Pollock also created ceramics.

Why is Jackson Pollock such a bad artist?

Listen to me, whether Jackson Pollock is good or bad is up to you. It's your opinion! Also if Jackson pollock is such an awful artist why have so many of his works been sold for hundreds of millions of dollars? Think about it!

What are 3 major works of Jackson Pollock?

Click link below to see a list!

What type of art has Jackson Pollock created?

Click link 'Pollock' below for text and example! Or click link 'Jackson Pollock' for a list of works. Click each title to see it! Answer #2 Jackson Pollock created Splatter paint and drip art. Alot of the ideas we use in the world today to create new modern designs.

Any influence to chuck close?

Chuck close was influenced by Jackson Pollock, one of the best known Abstract Expressionists. Pollock's work: Convergence was the piece that Close was inspired by when he was at the 14, in an exhibition featuring Jackson Pollock's works. This is what inspired Chuck Close to become an artist.

What is in the nonfiguration picture by Jackson Pollock?

The term Action Painting tells you that his works can be seen as visible records of how the painter worked.

What year did Abstract Expressionism become popular?

Jackson Pollock was one of the pioneers. His first works which can be seen as abstract expressionistic are from the late 1940s.

What is an example of abstract expressions?

I guess you are talking about the art movement 'Abstract Expressionism'. Click link below to read of and see some of Jackson Pollock's works.

Which artist was famous for his splattered paint pieces?

Jackson Pollock. His splattering and dribbling style was a later development; he painted many stunning works in the styles of cubism and abstract impressionism.

What is the location of The Metropolitan Museum of Art?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is situated on Fifth Avenue, New York. It is home to works of art from every era, worldwide, ranging from Ancient Egyptian tombs to Jackson Pollock's abstract works.

How were Jackson Pollock's works made?

He laid his canvases on the studio floor, then poured or dripped paint onto them using hardened brushes, sticks, and even basting syringes as paint applicators.

Why is it that some of Jackson Pollock's works are only numbered and then there are others that have names such as lavender mist?

Pollock wanted an end to the viewer's search for representational elements in his paintings, thus he abandoned titles and started numbering the paintings instead. "Numbers are neutral. They make people look at a picture for what it is - pure painting"

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