How do the wrestlers avoid injury and do they really bleed?

Avoiding Injury and Bleeding

They either cut themselves or they have lil caps of fakes blood
  • Under general cirvumstances, when a wrestler bleeds (like in main event PPVs) they use a technique called "blading." This is exactly what it sounds like. They remove a blade from their pads or tape or the ref hands them one when the camera is not focused on them. Then they slice themselves open just above the hariline (no veins or arteries to hit).

However, sometimes it is purely accidental (nose bleeds every few weeks.) The Eddie Guerro vs JBL mathc at judgment day last year was a mix of both. JBL hit Eddie witht he chair as he was blading, causing the blade to go too deep, in the wrong spot. Guerro almost died from blood loss, but it persisted and gave us one heck of a show.

Some pretty boys refuse to blade themselves though and just use a satchel of fake blood. It ruins it for everyone else. (Randy Orton, just before he gets catapulted into the Elimination Chamber wall by Triple H, New Years REvolution 2005)

  • WWE superstars in the old days didn't cut themselves so why do they now?
  • News flash, they can't blade themselves anymore. In the 80's and earlier they could, but now it can cause diseases from the blades.