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By the will of God, Rising through the ranks of that religion.

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Who has the power in theocracies?

The Leaders of the church have the power, and is derived from God.

Why can the sumerian city-states be called theocracies?

In a number of the Sumerian City-States, the priests wielded direct political power. This would make them theocracies.

What are disadvantages of theocracy?

Theocracies are replete with disadvantages:Theocracies deny all or most personal human rights. Freedom of Speech is abrogated with Blasphemy Laws. Freedom of Religion is abrogated with Mandatory State Religion. Cruel Punishments and Torture are openly practiced.Theocracies retard scientific growth since science often dispels certain aspects of the religion in power.Theocracies are more belligerent and bellicose since the will of the sovereign is not countenanced by the will of the people.Theocracies breed religious fundamentalism.Theocracies usually have some form of "thought-police" to enforce the lack of religious liberty.Theocracies are usually culturally reactionary since the religion in power does not change while the world around them does.

Who has the power of theocracies?

"Theocracy" means that religious leaders have the power.

How did the priests keep the power in theocracies?

They controlled the status of the persons soul. Do what I say or you will be smited by god and go to hell when you die.

How are democracies and theocracies alike?

There not :[

What kind and education does a theocracy government have?

With the exception of modern theocracies, which have more standard secular education, theocracies, by and large, have exclusively or predominantly religious education.

How does a theocracy differ from a monarchy?

Monarchy is rule by a king, prince, emir, sultan, or other hereditary power-holder. Theocracy is rule by a religious leader or a person who is believed to be a god-in-the-flesh. In many societies, monarchies have been theocracies since the king was believed to be a physical god, such as in Ancient Egypt or as recently as World War II Japan. However, you can have monarchies that are either secular states or states where there is an official religion, but this religion does not have ruling power. You can also have theocracies where the rulership comes to power via internal appointment or quasi-democratic election as opposed to heredity, so these would be non-monarchic theocracies.

What civilizations could be labeled as theocracies today?


Authoritarian governments and theocracies are examples of?

One party system

What countries use theoracy?

Iran and Vatican City are theocracies.

How long do people in theocracies serve?

A theocracy is where political power lies in the hands of religious parties. The people involved serve as long as the internal politics of the religious organisation permits.

Is the theocracy Mesopotamia's government?

Why was the Mesopotamian city states considered to be theocracies?

How did religion create the hierarchy in sumer?

Sumerian citystates were originally theocracies.

How many theocracy's are there?

There are 2 state theocracies in the world today. The Vatican & Iran.

In which country does political power rest in the hands of religious leaders?

A theocracy is a form of government in which the leaders are selected by a form of religious hierarchy. There are only two theocracies in the world today: Iran and Vatican City.

Do theocracies have political parties?

Most theocracies throughout history did not have political parties (such as Ancient Egypt, Babylonia, Ancient Israel, the Safavid Empire, etc. Some theocracies, like the Islamic Republic of Iran certainly do have political parties. However, the theocrats themselves exist outside of the political process since the idea is that the theocrats have a singular religious perspective and are, therefore, not divided like the rest of the population.

Authoritarian governments and theocracies are examples of what kind of party system?

One party systems

What countries are true theocracies?

The Vatican is a theocracy; some consider Iran to be a theocratic republic.

Are there any theocracies today?

yes. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Palestine, Israel etc

Is a Theocracy bad if your own religion is in charge?

Theocracies are bad no matter whose religion is in charge.

What is a government run by a religious group?

Such governments are called theocracies. God save us from such systems.

Why were the early mesopotamian city states considered to be theocracies?

The sumerians believed that the gods ruled the cities

Which countries follow theocracy today?

There are a few theocracies in the Middle East, like Iran or Saudi Arabia. There are also "weak theocracies", where the ruler retains control over the church of the country, but laws are not necessarily promulgated based on the religious views of the ruler, such as the UK or Morocco.

Would the government be better with or without religion?

Theocracies, whether Christian or other religions, have consistently been disasters.

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