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Like in every other movie. The director may have an actor or actress that he thinks would do well in a certain role and asks them to audition, or people find out about like your agent if you are in the acting businiss and tells you to audition.

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Are the American girl stories and movies true?


What is an American girl pajama?

An American Girl doll is a doll with accessories based on pre-teenage girl characters. American Girl pyjamas are clothing outfits and accessories that can be purchased to outfit an American Girl doll.

What American girl comes with a code?

Only the My American Girl Dolls come with codes. Not Historical Characters or Girl of the Years. Hope I helped!:)

Is Nikki an american girl a movie?

No she isn't in a movie. The American Girl movies are: Samantha Felicity Molly Kit Chrissa

Are the American Girl doll historical characters real?

No. Only girl of the year dolls are real.

Where can online users find American girl movies?

The American Girl movies can be purchased online from a number of retailers. Some of these include Wal-Mart, Amazon, Family Video, Deep Discount and Movie Mars.

How many american girl movies are there?

3 that i know of Mckenna Kit and Christan

What genre is of the American girl series?

The books about the historical characters are historical fiction. American Girl has also made self- help books which are non- fiction, and the Girl of the Year books are fiction.

What American girl comes with a code is one of them kit?

No. Only My American Girl Dolls come with codes. Hope I helped!:) P.S. - Historical Characters and Girl of the Year dolls do not come with codes.

Where can one download the movie ''An American Girl''?

One can only legally download the American Girl movies from iTunes. One can also view movie clips and some full length American Girl films on YouTube.

Do inerstarcom from American girl codes come with every doll?

The Just like you dolls and My American Girl dolls, but not the historical characters like Addy,Julie and Felicity

What actors and actresses appeared in The American Girl - 1911?

The cast of The American Girl - 1911 includes: Florence Lawrence

How many American psycho movies were there?

As of 2013, there have been two American Psychofilms, American Psycho (2000) and American Psycho 2: All American Girl (2002).

What movies has Willow Smith been in?

I Am Legend (2007) and Kit Kittredge: An American Girl (2008)

Good movies for a girls sleepover?

Chrissa Stands Strong (the latest American Girl movie).

What actors and actresses appeared in American Girl - 2011?

The cast of American Girl - 2011 includes: Geeta Citygirl Chopra as Mother

What actors and actresses appeared in A Plucky American Girl - 1910?

The cast of A Plucky American Girl - 1910 includes: Francis Ford

Who is the American girl doll of the year 2009?

The new American girl doll of 2009 is......Chrissa.She even has her own movie ,if you go on American and click on movies it will say at the bottom if you would like to watch the trailer.

What actors and actresses appeared in Stoner Girl - 1999?

The cast of Stoner Girl - 1999 includes: Jim Lujan as All characters

What movies has Willow Smith played in?

She acted in " I am legend" and "Madagascar" and also " kit kitredge: a American girl"

Does the kit American girl come with all her stuff?

Usually it comes with a set and her story book if you bought the Historical Characters/Girl of the year dolls. If you want more clothing and accessories for your American Girl Doll, you can try out their website!

Why is the American girl doll kanani 100 and not 95?

Because the only AG dolls that are $95 are JLY (Just Like You/My American Girl) without ear piercing or Historical Characters without accesories. HOPE THAT HELPS (:

Who are the characters in The cat in the rain?

The husband, George. The wife, or American girl. The hotelkeeper as kind of a father figure and of course the kitty.

Is American girl doll book a biogrphy book?

Nope it is a historical fiction book meaning the characters in the story are not real.

What is the theme of Kit Kittredge An American Girl?

It's about a girl in the great depression who is trying to just have a good life it's a great movie my fav of the American girl movies. The biggest problem is her BFF Ruthie's dad works for the bank! Hope I helped :D