How do they decide which end of the floor a team starts on?

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How are the schedule for the teams in the NFC and the AFC decided?

Every NFL team plays:-every team from their own division twice (1 home, 1 away). (6 games).-One game against every team from one of the divisons of their own conference on a rotating 3 year cycle. (4 games)-One game against every team one of the divsions of the other conference on a rotating 4 year ( Full Answer )

How do they decide which teams are NFC or AFC?

When the NFL & AFL merged for the 1970 season, the AFL teams were all placed in the AFC, and the NFL teams were placed in the NFC, with the exception of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore (now Indy) Colts, and Cleveland Browns (now Baltimore Ravens), who were moved to the AFC to even things out. I'm ( Full Answer )

How is it decided who wears which number in a team?

it depends on the position of the player normally the goal keeper wears the lowest 1 and from 2 t0 6 it's taken by defenders andfrom 7 t0up there it's taken by midfielders side players and strikers

What is the order of how teams are decided for the World Series?

Each League has four teams advance to the playoffs. These teams are the three division winners and a fourth team that has the best overall record of the teams that did not win their division. This team is called the 'wildcard' team.. Usually in the first round of the playoffs, the wildcard team pla ( Full Answer )

How do you decide who starts serving in tennis?

to decide who will serve first, both players go to the net, each player chooses which side they want, one player spins their racket and whichever side it lands on that's the player that serves first

How do you decide the starting point to install laminate flooring?

I start on the side that would be hardest to finish on. If the room has baseboard heat I start under it. If not I will start on the door side so I can slide it under the door frame. If neither side has a door or heat, I start on the longest side. As for direction, go with whatever looks best.. N ( Full Answer )

How is the home team decided for the Super Bowl?

The stadium is determined years in advance and has nothing to do with which teams are playing. The designated "home team" alternates between the NFC team in odd-numbered games (the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV in February 2011), and the AFC team in even-numbered games (the Indianapolis Col ( Full Answer )

How do you decide between engineered hardwood floors and natural hardwood floors?

If we can nail it down we use (prefinished) hardwood. If we have to glue it down (on slab) we use engineered. You can certainly use engineered in any application whether nail down, glue down, or even floating. There really aren't many compelling reasons to use solid anymore beyond prestige and the ( Full Answer )

What football team ends with the same letter it starts with?

Plenty here, I'll start you with Aston Villa, Charlton Athletic, Liverpool and Northampton Town more San Diego Chargers oh burn it who the hell is Aston villa Then why did you post this question in ENGLISH football??

How do you decide which team in softball goes first?

\nThe team listed 2nd on the schedule is the home team which takes the field first while the other team bats. But if no team is "home" then a coin is flipped by the umps at home plate.

How is the home team for the NBA finals decided?

The team with the most regular season wins out of the two teams in the NBA finals will get home court advantage. They will play at home for games 1 and 2 and, if necessary, games 6 and 7. The other team will play three games in a row at home, being the home team in games 3, 4, and 5.

What if you can't decide if you are Team Edward or Team Jacob in Twilight?

GO EDWARD! Go team Edward. Edward is hot, sexy, kind, romantic, respectful and he doesn't letu down and he'd trade in the world for ya Team Edward because he truly cares for Bella, in New Moon, heleaves her only because he thought he'd be protecting her, evenafter he and his family left, he still l ( Full Answer )

What floor is mew in red rescue team?

You get Mew by defeating Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. The on floors 36-98 there will be a slim chance of seeing Mew and an even slimmer chance of getting him. The dungeon is Buried Relic and you must beat it before trying to get Mew, and there are 99 floors

What Do Target Sales Floor Team Members Do?

Sales Floor TM works the floor. Answer buzzer calls from guests, zone, re-shop (put things away that guests have left all over the store or at the front lanes), stock and if the cashiers are backed up you help them out. It's a pretty easy job and can be fun if you have the right STL, ETL's and TL's. ( Full Answer )

How did the Dolphins come about deciding their team name?

A contest was held in 1965 to find the name of the new Miami franchise for the American Football League. 19,843 entries were submitted with over a thousand different names. A dozen finalists were screened through by a seven-member committee made up of the local media, names considered included the M ( Full Answer )

Who decided to end the civil war?

Robert E. Lee faced up to it that his army couldn't have gone on any longer, and he surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House. His President, Jefferson Davis, was still talking wildly about fighting on, as he fled into Georgia. This was just big talk. He was in fact running away fro ( Full Answer )

2002 Astro van has recently decided to start blowing the air designated to go to vent down to the floor.?

My Astro van has recently decided to start blowing the air designated to go to vent, down to the floor. It I tell it to direct to defrost, it does. When I start in the morning, it will blow at my feet for about 1 mile then go to vent. If I start it from cold in the heat of the day, it will take 8 or ( Full Answer )

Who decided to start the civil war?

The American Civil War was decided by the state of South Carolina. None of the Southern States were happy about Abraham Lincoln becoming President of the United States of America. The people feared that Lincoln would put an end to slavery, and change the lives that the people were accustomed to. ( Full Answer )

What starts with no start and ends with no end?

A circle, Lakes and rivers, (dogsled racing), and I guess....... God?........ It start some where close to the springing of the water, but from which direction is the question and it is on the same property area not far from it's mouth. The problem is find the stupid pot of Gold.

Is there a day decided for end of this planet?

yes there is, they think it is the year 2010, but i don't think because it is so lame about the planet earth ending already, i think there is a chance to save this planet and nothing can stop us!!! Has there been a day decided? There hasn't yet been a general vote, but I will be in favor of puttin ( Full Answer )

What does huck decide to do at the end of the novel?

Huck decides to leave Aunt Polly and not go back to Miss Watson and Widow Douglas, but instead to travel West. The novel doesn't say what he will do when he gets there and leaves it rather as a cliffhanger.

How is it decided which team has the first centre pass?

usually a coin is tossed to decide or you have to guess what hand an object is in. the winning team can either decide which way to shoot first or wether to have the first centre. if your clever you will take the first centre.

How do you decide to start dating someone?

Will u can decide to start dating when u know that your crush loves u bak.When u find out that he/she loves u give it some time.Just be friends 4 a while and then ask him/her if he wants to go out w/ u.Trust I've been through it many times. Good luck!

How did they decide when the world was going to end?

Religious prophecies: They didn't. They made up false predictions for fame. The Mayans: They didn't. They ran out of space on their stone calendar to go further than 2012. Some uneducated individuals said this was when the world will end. It isn't. The scientists: They haven't "decided" when, but ( Full Answer )

Who started blood on the dance floor?

If your talking about the band, then Dahvie Vanity originally started it. If your asking for the song then its Michael Jackson

How did blood on the dance floor start?

OK, Dahvie always says he was just chillin with his friend named Chris, and they were writing songs, the original name of the band was going to be Lovely Fashion, but Chris suggested Blood on the Dance Floor, Dahvie loved the name and the wrote the first song also to be titled Blood on the Dance Flo ( Full Answer )

Gymnastics floor start positions?

1. lay on floor with knees bent and hands to the side 2. standing. one knee bent, back bent forward a little, hands crossed in front 3. lay with your left hip on the ground, left leg bent, right leg straight, left arm extended and straight, right arm bent. 4. sitting, left leg extended, right leg b ( Full Answer )

How are teams decided for bowl games?

first, each bowl game is assigned 2 different conferences that will have a representative in the bowl game. For example, the Rose Bowl is Big 10 #1 vs PAC-12 #1. That means that the first place team in the big 10 will play the first place team in the PAC-12. However, if the one of those teams is tak ( Full Answer )

Who decides what team you into the baseball hall of fame?

The Hall selects the logo on the hat "based on where that player makes his most indelible mark." Although the Hall always made the final decision on which logo was shown, until 2001 the Hall deferred to the wishes of players or managers whose careers were linked with multiple teams. A few examples o ( Full Answer )

How is the winning team decided in volleyball?

By the most point of course! Its broken down into matches. Freshman and Junior varsity teams only play 3 matches, whereas Varsity will play 5. Each match goes to 25 points and the first to reach 25 wins the match, but the team must beat the other by at least 2 points in order to win the match so the ( Full Answer )

Why did the Pope decide to start the Crusades?

To defend Christianity from Islamic army attacks in the middle east and Europe. Roman Catholic Answer The beleaguered Christians in the Holy Land had been petitioning Rome for aid for centuries as they were butchered by the Muslims, but Rome, and Europe, in general, were having their own problems ( Full Answer )

How is home team decided in mlb playoffs?

In Major League Baseball, for the Division Series and the Championship Series, Home Field is decided according to a team's Regular Season record. The team with the better record is the team that gets the most home field games. For the World Series, the league that won the All Star Game is the one t ( Full Answer )

How do they decide who will be on the Ryder cup team?

They have a points system based on players performances in othertournaments, with the top 9 making it. So players that do well inthe tournaments they play in, make the team. Each captain alsochooses 3 additional players to bring the total to 12. They have a points system based on players performanc ( Full Answer )

How does a team decide who is the MVP?

The team decide about who is the MVP based mostly on the winning team record and the individual stats, mostly based on scoring points. Also, there is a panel of around 125 members who votes and it's all basically a point system voted by sports writers and people in sports media.

When would a football team decide to punt?

A team would decide to punt the football in their final down. They would punt the ball to relinquish the ball if the team is struggling to win the game.

How are the teams decided for college bowl games?

The teams that took part in the college bowl finals were Oregon andOhio State. It took place on Monday, January 12th, 2015. Ohio Statedefeated Oregon with the score of 42-20.