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When the NFL & AFL merged for the 1970 season, the AFL teams were all placed in the AFC, and the NFL teams were placed in the NFC, with the exception of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore (now Indy) Colts, and Cleveland Browns (now Baltimore Ravens), who were moved to the AFC to even things out. I'm not sure how decisions are made as to which conference new expansion teams are placed in.

i belive the league just comes up with it I know it has nothing to do with location.

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Q: How do they decide which teams are NFC or AFC?
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How many teams are in the NFC?

NFL has 32 teams NFC has 16 teams AFC has 16 teams

Do NFC and AFC teams play each other in the regular season?

Yes, the teams rotate interconference play based on divisions. For instance, the NFC East teams play the AFC South teams in 2010. In 2011, the NFC East will play the AFC East.

What determines who goes to the Super Bowl?

There are two groups of football teams: AFC and NFC. The teams with the most wins in the AFC go against each other in the Playoffs for the title of AFC Champions. The teams with the most wins in the NFC go against each other in the Playoffs for the title of NFC Champions. The AFC Champion team and the NFC Champion team are the teams in the Super Bowl.

Can two AFC teams be in the super bowl?

NO. Always AFC v. NFC

How many teams are in the AFC and NFC division?


What is the difference between AFC and NFC?

Besides the teams that are in them none. Many people say the AFC has better teams.

How do they determine who is in the NFL playoffs?

The top teams in each of the eight divisions will automatically make the playoffs. Then there are two wildcard teams that make the playoffs from each conference (NFC & AFC). These two wildcard teams in each conference make the playoffs based off of who has the best record other than the four that have already won their division. If two teams have the same record, then they look at the head to head games, and then their point differential. Recap: 8 teams who win their conferences, 4 in each conference (NFC, AFC), automatically make it (AFC West, AFC East, AFC North, AFC South, NFC West, NFC East, NFC North, NFC South) 4 teams, 2 in each conference (NFC, AFC), who have the best records other than the teams in the conference who have already won their division.

Do AFC teams play against NFC teams in regular season?


What is the difference between the AFC and the NFC?

I believe it's from the merge between the AFL and NFL the AFC teams are the American football league teams and the NFC the national football league.

How do teams get to the Super Bowl?

Any AFC team, has to win the AFC Championship game, and any NFC team, has to win the NFC Championship!!

How do they determine what team is AFC and what team is NFC?

In 1970 the AFL and NFL merged. Two conferences were created: The AFC and the NFC. All of the old AFL teams became members of the AFC. The old NFL teams became members of the NFC. Three teams from the old NFL were moved to the AFC: The Baltimore Colts, the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

How many states have teams in both the AFC and NFC?


What are the names of the divisions in the NFL?

AFC- AFC east, AFC west, AFC north, AFC south NFC- NFC east, NFC west, NFC north, NFC south

Favorite Pro Football Teams?

There are thirty two football teams in the NFL.AFC EASTPatriotsDolphinsJetsBillsNFC EASTCowboysGiantsRedskinsEaglesAFC NORTHBengalsSteelersRavensBrownsNFC NORTHBearsVikingsLionsPackersAFC SOUTHColtsJaguarsTexansTitansNFC SOUTHPanthersFalconsBucsSaintsAFC WESTBroncosChiefsChargersRaidersNFC WESTSeahawksCardinalsRams49ers

How many teams are in NFC football?

NFC meaning one of the two main divisions in the NFL? well in the NFL there are 32 teams, and in the NFC there are 16, and in the AFC there are 16

Willl there likely be a Super Bowl 100?

No, there will be no AFC or NFC teams at that time.

What is floridas NFL team?

Florida has 3 NFL teams. Two in the AFC, Miami Dolphins (AFC East) and Jacksonville Jaguars (AFC South. One in the NFC, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (NFC South)

What are professional football divisions?

The NFL Divisions are NFC North NFC South NFC East NFC West AFC North AFC South AFC East AFC West

How is the NFC and the AFC divided?

The National Football League (NFL) consists of 32 teams and is divided into two conferences - the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC) - each of which has 16 teams apiece. Each Conference is divided into 4 divisions - North, South, East and West. Each division has in it 4 teams apiece. So there is the AFC North, AFC South, AFC East and AFC West as well as the NFC North, AFC South, AFC East and AFC West. Visit if you would like a complete listing of all the teams in each division - for brevity's sake i shalln't list them here. Hope this answers your question!

When did the AFC and NFC start playing in the super bowl?

After the NFL/AFL merger in 1970. The first Super Bowl between NFC and AFC teams was Super Bowl V in January 1971.

Are the 49ers in the NFC or AFC?


What was the score of the 2010 NFC vs AFC?

Nfc 34, AFC 41

What does the winnerof the AFC and NFC means?

what does it means if the winner of the AFC and NFC means

What two teams will make up the Super Bowl?

The two teams that win the AFC and NFC Championship Playoff Games.

Who is the home in this year Super Bowl?

Arizona cardinals NFC teams in odd years AFC teams in even years