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In the simplest terms, the club with the better regular season record (their win-loss percentage) receives home field advantage (I want to say this has been the case since 1975). Which means that a wild-card team will never play at home in the first or second round of the playoffs because they always face a higher ranked team. For that matter, it is unlikely they will host any playoff game, unless the fifth and sixth seeded teams (the two wild-card teams) were to end up playing each other for the conference championship.

Here is a lot more information from dealing with tiebreakers (used to determine home field at the end of the season). It might look a little overwhelming, but most of the rules are never needed (as you'll read, technically a coin toss could decide venue, but that's pretty unlikely). Enjoy.

Well, its not the team with the better record that plays at home on wildcard weekend, but the team that won their division. A #4 seed will have home field advantage over a wildcard 5 seed, even if the 5 seed had a better record, as happened in the wildcard game between the patriots and jaguars during wildcard weekend 2006, for the 2005 season.

The term "wild card round" is somewhat of a misnomer. In the first round of the playoffs, there are two divisional champions and two wild card teams. The highest-seeded division champion hosts the lowest-seeded wild card team, and the other division winner hosts the other wild card team.

The winners of these games go on to play two more division winners -- the top two seeds in each conference, who earned a "bye" and got to skip to the second round of the playoffs. Once again, the highest seeded division winner plays the lowest remaining seed.

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Q: How do they determine where the NFL Wildcard games are played?
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Is a wildcard the same as playoffs?

In the NFL, yes. The wildcard round is the first round of the NFL Playoffs.

When are nfl playoff games 2011-2012?

it started from January the 2nd for the wildcard games! hope i helped!

How many NFL games are there?

There are 11 playoff games. 4 Wildcard games. 4 Divisional games. 2 Championship games. And the Super Bowl.

How many NFL wildcard teams have made it to the Super Bowl?

Eight NFL wildcard teams have made it to the Super Bowl.

What NFL team holds the record for most playoff games lost in a row?

Through the 2008 season, the NFL record for most consecutive playoff games lost is 6 and is held by 7 teams. 3 of the 7 teams' losing streak are current.Current 6 game playoff losing streaks -1) Detroit Lions - 1991 NFC Conference Championship, 1993 NFC Wildcard, 1994 NFC Wildcard, 1995 NFC Wildcard, 1997 NFC Wildcard, 1999 NFC Wildcard2) Dallas Cowboys - 1996 NFC Division, 1998 NFC Wildcard, 1999 NFC Wildcard, 2003 NFC Wildcard, 2006 NFC WIldcard, 2007 NFC Division3) Kansas City Chiefs - 1993 AFC Conference Championship, 1994 AFC Wildcard, 1995 AFC Division, 1997 AFC Division, 2003 AFC Division, 2006 AFC WildcardHistoric 6 game playoff losing streaks -1) Cleveland Browns - 1969 NFL Conference Championship, 1971 AFC Division, 1982 AFC Division, 1980 AFC Division, 1982 AFC Wildcard, 1985 AFC Division2) New York Giants - 1939 NFL Championship, 1941 NFL Championship, 1943 NFL Division, 1944 NFL Championship, 1946 NFL Championship, 1950 NFL Division3) Minnesota Vikings - 1988 NFC Division, 1989 NFC Division, 1992 NFC Wildcard, 1993 NFC Wildcard, 1994 NFC Wildcard, 1996 NFC Wildcard4) Seattle Seahawks - 1984 AFC Division, 1987 AFC Wildcard, 1988 AFC Division, 1999 AFC Wildcard, 2003 NFC Wildcard, 2004 NFC Wildcard

How many NFL playoff games are there?

There are 11 playoff games. 4 Wildcard games. 4 Divisional games. 2 Championship games. And the Super Bowl.

What is NFL wildcard?

Nfl wildcard is when the 4 lowest seeds in each conference play each other to qualify for the divisional round.

How many games are played during an NFL season?

An NFL season consists of 16 regular season games.Each team will begin with four preseason games. If a team makes the playoffs, they could play up to four more games (WildCard, Divisional, Conference Championship and Super Bowl).

Has an NFL wild card team ever had home field advantage?

In the old alignment, when there were 3 wildcard teams from each conference, the "best" wildcard team would play their first game at home, but unless they happened to meet another wildcard team in a later round, then all subsequent games would be played away.

How many playoff games are there in the NFL?

If you are talking about the amount of Playoff games that occur overall, it is 11 games total. If you are talking about the number of games a team can play in, this will depend on if they are a wildcard or not. A wildcard team will play in up to four games including the Super Bowl. A non wildcard team, will play in 3, having a bye in the first round. The rounds are titled as follows:Wild CardDivisionalChampionshipSuper Bowl

Does a NFL team enter the playoffs when it earns a wildcard?


How many games are played in nfl?

Each team plays a 16-game schedule. 16 x 32 teams = 512 games per regular season Then the playoffs consist of four wildcard games, four divisional games, two conference championships, and the Super Bowl.

What are the release dates for NFL Playoffs - 2007 GameDay Wildcard Saturday Wrap-Up?

NFL Playoffs - 2007 GameDay Wildcard Saturday Wrap-Up was released on: USA: January 2008

NFL Greenbay Packers chances at a wildcard spot in 2009?

slim to none

Which NFL team has played in the most championship games?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have played in 15 championship games. The most in NFL history.

What NFL team has played the most Thanksgiving Day games?

What NFL team played in the most thanks given day games

What was the first year the nfl had wildcard teams?

1970, the first year of play after the AFL-NFL merger. Each conference had three divisions and each division winner made the playoffs along with one wildcard team. The first teams to make the playoffs as a wildcard were the Detroit Lions in the NFC and the Miami Dolphins in the AFC.

How many playoff rounds are there in the NFL?

4. Wildcard, Divisionals, Championships, and Super Bowl

What city won first NFL championship in 1920?

The Akron Pros won the first NFL championship with a record of 8-0-3. There was no playoff game played for the championship; there were no playoff games to determine the NFL champion until 1932.

How cold can NFL games be played in?

NFL games be played until it is deemed to dangerous. So in other words it can vary, think of the "Ice Bowl".

What is the most preseason games played in a single nfl season per team?

4 is the amount of preseason games played by a NFL team in a season.

Can a NFL wildcard team play the division winner of their division in the wildcard playoff round?

Yes.In the NFL playoffs, teams play each other strictly by seed (3 plays 6 and 4 plays 5). Also, if the division winner was a 3 or 4 seed and the two wildcard teams came from that division, it would not be possible to keep teams from the same division from meeting in the wildcard round.This in different than the MLB playoffs where the wildcard team cannot play their division winner.

How calculate pct in nfl?

Games won divided by games played.

What game played every January to determine the championship of the NFL?

Super Bowl

What game is played every January to determine the championship of the nfl?

super bowl