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How do they test athletes for drugs?


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Athletic Drug TestingThe most common method of testing is chemical analysis using a urine sample. An athlete at the Olympics is required to give two urine samples (commonly refered to in the media as the A and B samples - which are kept in separate places). The A sample is tested chemically for substances on the banned substance list. If a substance is detected in the A sample the B sample is then tested. If both samples are positive for a banned substance then the athlete is asked to explain the findings at a hearing.

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Urine, blood and hair are commonly tested for drugs.

athletes are tested so they don't cheat for example certain drugs can make athletes stronger like barry bonds took a drug to make him stronger then he got a ton of home runs

Urine test can detect most of the drugs that might be used by the athletes. Therefore, it is a very popular noninvasive method of drug test in sports to detect illegal drug use by the athletes.

athletes take drugs to boost their energy.but taking drugs even by an athlete in banned.

A lot of athletes do take drugs to enhance their performance xx

Hundreds of Olympic athletes have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Drugs are substances used by athletes to improve their performances in the sports in which they engage.

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Athletes are tested for steroids and performance enhancers.

It will show up on the drug tests done on athletes looking for performance enhancing drugs. It will not show up on "drugs of abuse" screens.

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so you make sure that they are cheating and trying to get and advatage in the sport or event that they are playing in. Boo Yah!

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Athletes are tested for drugs, if caught you will be disqualified. If you won a medal then you were found out to be cheating then the medal would be taken off you. Prescription medicines can also contain banned substances so athletes have to be careful xx

There were no practical mass drug tests in 1970, and little or no testing of athletes.

Athletes have blood tests because they need to be tested for drugs.

Basebal players and some football players

they could be banned from the competition as they are not allowed to take sporting drugs

Usually, players are randomly selected by the league to get tested for drugs at a random time.

Nothing ! If you have taken drugs you will not pass a drugs test ! The simple answer is DON'T do drugs !

Yes, it is possible for the immunosuppressant drugs to be found on a urine drug test.

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