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How do to replace the starter on a 1989 through 2002 Isuzu Rodeo Amigo or 4WD Honda Passport with a V6 engine?

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September 12, 2011 10:55PM

"Answer_number_1" id="Answer_number_1">Answer number 1

Easier done than said! Don't be intimidated by the complexity of

this job. You can save hundreds of dollars by doing this simple

task in you driveway or garage. This is one of the easier

replacements that I have done on a 4WD but there needs to be a

little preparation. Exhaust pipe doesn't need to be removed for the

2WD model.

Tools required:

For the removal of the exhaust pipe form the exhaust


17 mm deep well Impact socket

½ in drive 12 in extension for socket and ratchet

½ in drive breaker bad/ratchet w/12 in extension

½ in drive swivel for the socket

For the removal of the exhaust pipe a the flange

Reciprocating saw w/metal cutting blade

For the removal of the starter

Assorted sockets and wrenches for other bolts and nuts

Floor jack and 2 jack stands

Parts needed:

Exhaust Manifold-to-pipe crushable gasket

High Temp caulking for the exhaust pipe flange gasket.


2 Bolts, nuts and washers for the exhaust pipe flange


Jack the front of the vehicles and place on the jack stands.

Take the battery terminal off. Get up under the vehicles and spray

WD-40 on the 3 nuts that hold the exhaust pipe on the exhaust

manifold and on the 02 sensor that is just below them. Let this sit

overnight for breaking purposes. Next day, remove the 02 sensor and

using the 17 mm deep well socket, 12 in extension and breaker bar,

remove the 3 nuts that were sprayed the night before. This should

take about 3 minutes and a little "elbow grease". There is no need

in removing the second 02 sensor but it does need to be unplugged

at the connector just above it. Next locate the flange about 4 feet

aft of the loosened manifold and using the Reciprocating saw, cut

the welded on nuts from the back of the flange that is holding the

bolts on. Retain the metal gasket for reuse. This should take about

5 minutes. The loose pipe should be free to move a limited space

but it will be enough to get the starter out of the hole that it is

in. Remove the aluminum shield from below the area where the

starter is and remove the 2 bolts holding the starter on. Drop it

down where you can remove the cable and small plastic connector

next to it. The starter should come out of the confined space that

it is in. You will simply go back in reverse order to replace the

starter. Ensure that a new gasket is used with the exhaust manifold

and 2 good beads of High Temp caulking is used on the rear flange


I suspect that the different models have varying degrees of

difficulty. On 1998 Amigo 2.2, the bottom bolt can only be accessed

by somebody with very small hands and the top bolt appears to be

inaccessible. Answer #2 (massive pain) does apply to some


"Answer_number_2" id="Answer_number_2">Answer number 2

Remove starter on a 1999 rodeo 3.2 v6 first this is no easy task

you will need torches and air tools unless you really have ALOT OF

PATIENCE ! Disconnect the + red post on battery. Jack up left side

(DRIVER SIDE) secure vehicle with stands or blocking ! Spray the 3

bolts mounting the exhaust pipe to the manifold with a good

pentrating oil.Unplug the 2 oxy. sensors on the pipe you'll be

removing ( be careful not to break the clips on them) Get a thin

sheet of metal cut it to fit up in front of fuel tank so no sparks

can get on tank (GET A FULL FIRE EXTINGUISHER)( if you have a fuel

leak you have to take care of that first!) after confiming there is

no fuel or other combustibles in the area torch off the weld nuts

on the rear side of the flanged pipe be careful not to damage

flanges take a hammer and drive out bolts. Now move to the front of

pipe room is limited i used several 3/8 drive extensions a swivel,

17 mm deep well 6 point socket with a 3/8 to 1/2 adapter hooked up

to a 1/2 breaker bar.These nuts are selflocking tight little Bas*#%

glow them with the torch be careful that the heat from your flame

doesn't burn any wires or hoses! Key here is BABY STEPS heat it

turn it heat it turn it after a full turn has been made heat it and

hit it with the air rachet. You can now move the pipe down and back

far enough to remove starter.Remove the 2 10mm bolts holding on

shield. Remove the 2 14mm bolts holding starter to eng.for one you

must slide wire loom out of the way to get on it. The starter wires

one wire you must push down on top of connector to release it. the

other wire is a 13mm i believe. Starter is gonna run about $150.00

Check gasket and flange area at manifold & gasket at flange at

rear pipe. I applied red high heat silicone and reused mine. Used

new nuts (Couldn't find flanged lockers just used regular mm nuts

no washers) and bolts with neversieze. This should be done by a

profesional ! LOL!

Answer #3 From LC Campbell

How do you remove the starter on a 2001 3.2 v-6 DOC engine in a

Rodeo. First of all it's not fun but take it from someone who has

accomplished the task that is can be done. Most of the information

above (#2) is good stuff, however I'd like to add some service


1) When you look at the starter from under the car you will

scratch your head and want to simply give up as it looks like the

engineers installed it then put the engine into the car and that

was all that was considered.

2) The space to remove the starter through is very small (too

small) so you have to remove 3 head pipe bolts with a deep socket

17mm. Then remove all of the bolts on the next joint down pipe at


simply use a clamp like a ratcheting wood "C" type clamp and force

the head pipe against the left or Port frame--right against it.

Be sure you have disconnected the battery terminals for

safety and this is a must !!

3) Access through the rubber skirting just above the left front

wheel the main starter wire by removing the nut. Also through the

same access remove the clip type connector which is the ignition


3.5) Some say you have to remove the Oxy sensor...I found that

I did not but I had to watch not to strain the wire that

goes to it.

4) Remove two long bolts from the under side of the starter

(universal will be needed for the inboard bolt).

5) Pull the starter to the front of the vehicle which will

disengage it from the mounting and flywheel.

6) I actually turned the starter to allow the removal butt

first. Important--as you find the position that will allow you to

remove the starter through the narrow hole I marked the radial

position of the starter with an indelible pin so as to make it

easier to reinstall.

7) The starter is completely serviceable if you can find the

parts. Most want you to buy a new starter which is in access of

$300.00 from the dealer. I was able to disassemble the

Bendix and clean up the armature contactor with a moto tool

and small wire brush. I also cleaned up and put silicone grease on

the o-rings for re-assembley.

8) You will also need a new crushable gasket for the head pipe

to exhaust manifold and you may need a gasket to the next flange

down stream...I was able to use some red-silicone because my gasket

was not damaged.

Another little trick I used was to use a 10"X1/2" dowel which I

had glued some emery paper to and cut to round like the dowel. All

of this effort was to make it easier to start the inboard mounting

bolt on the starter X 2ea. One could also remove a small bolt on

the bell housing cover plate which is in the way to accomplish the

same thing.

It's hard but it can be done. lc

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