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What causes tornadoes to dissipate is not fully understood, but it is believed that cold thunderstorm outflow undercuts the parent circulation (mesocyclone) that drives the tornado, cutting of the warm air that drives the thunderstorm, causing it to weaken to the point that it can no longer sustain a tornado.

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Q: How do tornadoes disappear?
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Where do tornadoes disappear to?

Nowhere. After a tornado dissipates it no longer exists.

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What are the 3 general categories of tornadoes?

Tornadoes are sometimes divided into "weak" tornadoes "strong" and "violent" tornadoes. Weak tornadoes are those rated EF0 and EF1. Most tornadoes are weak. Strong tornadoes are those rated EF2 and EF3. Violent tornadoes are those rated EF4 and EF5. They are the rarest of tornadoes, only about 1% of tornadoes are this strong.

What do they call tornadoes in US?

Tornadoes in the U.S. are called tornadoes.

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Is there any extreme tornadoes?

It depends on what you mean by extreme. Tornadoes of EF4 and EF5 tornadoes, however are often referred to as violent tornadoes. These account for about 1% of all tornadoes.

Names of known Tornadoes?

Tornadoes don't get named, Hurricanes do, but Tornadoes don't.

What are thin tornadoes called?

Thin tornadoes are often called rope tornadoes.

What type of tornadoes occur most frequently?

Most tornadoes are supercell tornadoes.

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No. Tornadoes are violent.

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No. Tornadoes are dangerous.

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Antarctica does not get tornadoes.

Can tornadoes create other tornadoes?

Yes, some strong tornadoes create brief satellite tornadoes that circle the main funnel.

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Where did the most tornadoes hit in 2000?

As is typical the greatest number of tornadoes in 200 hit the Great Plains with a large number also occurring in Florida. The top 5 states for tornadoes that year were.Texas with 147 tornadoes.Florida with 77 tornadoes.Colorado with 60 tornadoes.Nebraska, also with 60 tornadoes.Kansas with 59 tornadoes.

Do earthquakes cause tornadoes?

No, tornadoes are caused by thunderstorms. Tornadoes and earthquakes are completely unrelated.

What is being done about tornadoes?

There is nothing to be "done" about tornadoes. Tornadoes are a natural weather event.