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How do tough is it to replace a power steering pump in a 97-2002 Grand Prix GTP?



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Getting to the pump is the hard part, removal is easy.

  1. Remove the diagonal brace, battery and coolant recovery tank if located on the passinger side Getting these out of the way create working room.
  2. Remove the serpentine belt or belts if supercharged.
  3. Located the power steering pump and pump out as much fluid as you can with a hand cranked or electric oil change pump.
  4. The pump is attached to the block with two bolts that are accesses through holes cored in the power steering pump pulley. Remove the two bolt and pull the pump away from the block (toward the wheel well).
  5. Disconnect the hydraulic lines and the pump is in your hands.
  6. Reverse the procedure for installation and fill the pump to the "cold" level on the dip stick.
  7. Reinstall the coolant recovery tank, battery and diagonal brace.
  8. Start the engine and turn the steering wheel from lock to lock 5 times and recheck and adjust pump fluid level if necessary.