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There are 2 ways to get to Antarctica. Either ship or airplane. Ship is more luxurious and scenic. Plane is sometimes not recommended because of the many weather related risks but fuel can also be a problem. The tiny window of an airplane is not enough to see the extraordinary sights in Antarctica.

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What is wrong with tourists going to Antarctica?

There is nothing wrong with tourists going to Antarctica.

How do tourists have a minimum affect on Antarctica?

There are hardly any tourists that go to Antarctica

Where do tourists come from in antarctica?

Tourists to Antarctica come from all over the world.

Should there be less tourists in Antarctica?

There is no evidence in the argument to limit the number of tourists in Antarctica.

How have local people responded to tourists in antarctica?

There are no 'local people' in Antarctica to respond to tourists.

Where do tourists to Antarctica come from?

Tourists to Antarctica come from every other continent on earth.

What time of year do tourists go to antarctica?

The tourists go to Antarctica during the summer or the winter

Accommodation available to tourists in Antarctica?

All Antarctic tourists are accommodated by the cruise ships upon which they sail to get to the continent. There are no accommodations in Antarctica for tourists.

What are the tourists doing to Antarctica?

Generally, tourists go to Antarctica to tour -- it is the most exotic visual landscape on earth.

How can tourists affect the environment in Antarctica?

Generally, tourists do not affect the environment in Antarctica, because they follow the protocols enforced by the tour operators to keep Antarctica pristine.

Why tourists want to use Antarctica?

Tourists may want to earn bragging rights to say that they've been to Antarctica.

How do tourists visit Antarctica?

Generally, tourists visit Antarctica in ships, since there are no commercial airplane flights to anywhere on the continent.

Where do tourists stay in Antarctica?

At the stations in Antarctica' and sometimes in tents.Another AnswerTourists to Antarctica stay on the ships that transport them to the continent. No facilities at the research stations are available for tourists. Tourists who fund private expeditions may bring tents where they can stay during their expedition. There are no commercial facilities on the continent to accommodate tourists.

Why do tourists want to visit Antarctica?

Tourists Want To Go To Antarctica For The Exhilerating Feeling Of The Fact Your Standing, On The Bottom of the Earth, tourists also would like to go to Antarctica For The Delicate Scenery of the Ice landscape, and the amazing environment.

What is the disadvantage for Antarctica when tourists visiting there?

There is no disadvantage to any continent caused by tourists.

Were do tourists stay when they go to Antarctica?

Tourists who visit Antarctica by ship stay on board the ship. There are no commercial accommodations anywhere on the Antarctic continent.

Why don't tourists go to Antarctica?

Tourists do go to Antarctica. They travel by ship from departure points in New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Argentina.

How will tourists get to places in Antarctica?

All tourists who visit Antarctica arrive on tour boats, which also provide all hospitality during these journeys.

When did tourists begin visiting Antarctica?

It has been written that all visitors to Antarctica are 'tourists' in the sense that going there is a personal adventure to a new and unknown geography. Commercial tourism to Antarctica began in the 1960s, and was accomplished by sea-going vessels. It continues to be the most popular way for tourists to visit Antarctica.

When do tourists go to Antarctica?

Tour season in Antarctica is generally December and January.

What transport did tourist use to reach antarctica?

Tourists sail to Antarctica in boats.

What would happen if tourism was banned from Antarctica?

there wouldn't be any tourists in Antarctica

Should tourists be able to visit and explore Antarctica?

Today, may tourists do visit Antarctica and are allowed to explore limited beach areas that are pre-arranged by the tour operators who profit from these tourists.

Should tourists be banned in Antarctica?


When did tourists begin coming to Antarctica?

in 1958

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