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How do transfer section 8 housing voucher from Idaho to Colorado?


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Check with you local Housing Authority there. This is known as Porting. You have to talk to the Housing Authority in CO and make the plans with your existing Housing Authority.

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Check out the following link: This link is for the Colorado Springs housing authority webpage, and specifically, the page which tells you how to transfer your Section 8 voucher.

It depends on why you lost your voucher, and, like the voucher program, there is a waiting list for public housing.

Formerly known as Section 8, a Housing Choice Voucher is a voucher issued by the local public housing authority to a landlord which participates in the Program, which guarantees that the specified amount of housing assistance payments on the voucher will be paid by the federal Government on behalf of the tenant.

All states of the United States accept section 8 vouchers. The section 8 program is a federal program that is handled by the local housing authorities. But the voucher is only good at the jurisdiction that issued the voucher or where the voucher was ported to. To use your voucher at another jurisdiction you must arrange with the issuing housing authority to port over to the receiving housing authority.

The purpose of the Section 8 Voucher Program, now known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program, is to be able to rent a home from a provate source.

Each Housing Authority has its own rules by which someone applies for a section 8 voucher, now known as a housing choice voucher, or public housing. Most qualifications are the same for every jurisdiction, since the section 8 housing program is a federal program.

This is a question to ask the Housing Authority that is administering the Section 8 Program.

This is called porting your voucher. You need to contact the housing authority of the area you like to move to. This will be known as your receiving housing authority. Then contact your initial housing authority, the one who is giving your assistance now. Arranged between the two for you to import your voucher. Meanwhile look for your new apartment/home.

An enhanced voucher would mean one that was given for a special reason or purpose. They're the same as Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8)

You need to ask the housing authority that issued the voucher - they decided why you needed a 3-BR voucher.

Report it to the Landlord and to the Housing Authority that is servicing the voucher. If you can't determine the Housing Authority that is servicing the voucher, write to every Housing Authority in that jurisdiction.

You should be able to transfer your section 8 voucher to the new city. You should consult your section 8 case worker for details on the transfer.

No. The housing choice voucher program is confidential in nature.

A Section 8 voucher can be used for any unit that the housing authority will approve.

Every Housing Authority will have information about this. This type of program is known as the housing voucher homeownership program, which works the same way as the rental voucher, except the voucher is being used to pay the mortgage on the property.

Check with your local housing authority. Generally only the person who qualifies for the voucher may receive it.

No. You must be married to him and he must be approved by your landlord and the Housing Authority servicing your voucher.

A drug felony conviction can prevent you from receiving a section 8 voucher or public housing ANYWHERE in the United States. This is because, per federal regulations, drug felons are generally prohibited from receiving such voucher or public housing.

Yes, you sure can: housing authorities have zero tolerance for domestic violence, drug and alcohol offenses, and other offenses involving public housing and the voucher program.

The Housing Authority maintains a list of all Owners who participate in the program.

Yes, Puerto Rico is a US territory, and a voucher can be used there. Check with you local Housing Authority there about porting your voucher if you already have one.

It depends on the reason for loosing the voucher, but probably not. Nothing prohibits a person from applying, though.

Yes, as this is quite often the case with Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and other similar subsidized housing.

I have section 8 my landlord tying to evict me will i.lose my vocher if im evicted

The Section 8 voucher program is a housing assistance program funded by HUD, the department of Housing and Urban Development. To apply for benefits under this program, you should contact your local government and find out who is the local body that administers the program. HUD only provides funding to the local programs and an individual applies to the local agency in your area. You can apply online for a section 8 housing voucher by visiting It generally takes a few weeks to receive your voucher.

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