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How do transverse waves travel?

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they travel by a straight line that moves up and down through air waves

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Can transverse waves travel in liquids?

transverse waves can travel on the tops of liquids, however, not through them

What medium does transverse waves travel?

transverse waves travels dense medium.

Differences between longitudinal and transverse waves?

Longitudinal waves vibrate in the direction of the wave travel and transverse waves vibrate perpendicular (transverse) to the direction of wave travel.

Can transverse waves travel through empty space?

Sure, electromagnetic waves are transverse waves.

Are ultraviolet waves transverse or longitudinal waves?

Ultraviolet waves are part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum which all travel as transverse waves.

Does light travel faster or slower in transverse waves?

Light ONLY travels in transverse waves.

Does light travel in longitudinal waves?

No, it travels in transverse waves.

Do light waves travel in longitudinal waves?

No. light travels as transverse waves.

What is the difference between longitual waves and transverse waves?

longitudinal waves travel in the direction parallel to the Surface, which are P waves, and transverse waves travel in the direction perpendicular to the surface, which causes destructive earthquakes. Which are S waves.

In what kind of waves do sound ravel in?

Longitudinal waves. The other category of waves, transverse waves, can't travel in a gas. This is valid in the case of mechanical waves; because electromagnetic waves are also transverse waves, and they can travel even in a vacuum.

Is gamma waves longitudinal or transverse?

Gamma rays are longitudinal.All electromagnetic waves are transverse in nature that is their vibrations are perpendicular to the direction of travel of waves.

What is true about the movement of the particles in longitudinal and transverse waves?

The particles in longitudinal waves travel parallel to the direction of the wave, whereas the particles in transverse waves travel perpendicular to the direction of the wave.

Which wave cannot travel through air or water?

THROUGH air or water transverse waves cannot travel. But on the surface of water transverse waves can be produced

Are microwaves longitudinal or transverse waves?

Microwaves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum and are transverse waves in that the displacement is perpendicular to the direction of travel.

What is transverse wave in science terms?

A transverse wave are waves that move the medium at right angles to the direction in which the waves travel.

What is the difference between transverse waves and electromagnetic waves?

Transverse waves are a type of mechanical wave. A mechanical wave is a wave that needs a medium (type of substance such as gas, liquid or solid) to travel through. Transverse waves move the medium perpendicular to the energy. Transverse waves are like ocean waves. Electromagnetic waves are waves that don't need a medium to travel on. Electromagnetic waves can be transverse or longitudinal. Longitudinal waves are waves that that compress and rarefact or get close together/bunch up and stretch apart.

What type of waves move across the direction of travel?

Transverse waves will move across the direction of travel.

What is the nature of light and electromagnetic waves?

they are transverse waves, they can travel through a vacuum,

Examples of tranverse waves?

Transverse waves are waves which travel in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the vibrations

Do radio waves need medium to travel?

no they do not, they can travel through vacuums and do not need particles to travel as sound waves do. radio waves are transverse waves whereas sound waves are not

What are the properties of electromagnet waves?

electomagnetic waves are transverse waves... electromagnetic waves do not need any medium to travel

Do transverse waves need medium to travel?

Yes, but only EM waves don't.

Is ultrasound a transverse or longitudinal wave?

They travel as longitudinal waves.

What waves do light travel in?

Electromagnetic. Or you might be looking for transverse.

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