Turtles and Tortoises

How do turles sleep?

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  • When its time to sleep, a loggerhead will wedge under a rock close to the shore, or take a snooze while floating on the surface of deep water
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What do turles do daily?

Eat, sleep, and crap, your welcome by the way

Are Goku and turles brothers?

no turles is bardocks bro that means.

Is turles gokus brother?

Bardock+Fasha=Raditz,Goku,And Turles

Is turles Goku's uncle?

Yes, Turles is Bardock's brother, therefor he is Goku's uncle.

What relation is turles to Goku and vegeta?

Turles is a sayian just like Goku and Vegeta

Is turles gokus older brother?

no radtiz is his brother but turles is a saiyan who just looks like him turles might be bardock brother dont know look it up

Is turles and Goku related?


Who is Goku's cousin?

It is Turles

Is turles gokus cousin?

Turles is goku's cousin he is one of the surving sayian's and partners with vegeta,nappa and raditz ]

How do you turles in Dragon Ball Z budokai tenkaichi 2?

You must fuse Lower Class Sayian And Fruit of the Gods in Z fusion then fuse Turles with a powerball then you have Great Ape Turles. Umair -

Is turles Goku's brother?

no.turles is goku's uncle and turles is bardocks turtles is grown up goku but goku as a baby without his head bumped on a turles was sent to destroy earth.

What is Turles power level?


Are turles and Goku brothers?

no.. but they are related

Who is the hottest saiyan?

Turles Bardock

What eats sphagnum moss?


When does the blue whale sleep?

a blue whale will sleep? no.. couse if they sleep the'll just floating like a stireoflitt a whale sleep when he/she had there mother to the proper place where they can sleep and in morning they arrive to get a food like human beung is to dangerous from whale they eat snakes,turles and others that they can full ther mouth in every stiches soo they don't want to sleep the baby tracon whale has decide to move the food from there tongue

Is turles gokus twin brother?


Do turles grow their tails back?

you tell me

Who stronger turles or vegeta?

vegeta is stronger

What episode of Dragon Ball is Turles in?

Turles actually appears in a special movie, not any episodes. He appears in the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might

Who is stronger turles or bardock?

bardock win bardock is the father of goku or kakarot turles is than vegeta than nappa frieza gohan ssj2 turles and bardock team together than stronger frieza and cooler kind cold future trunks goku and broly vegeta super buu bardock finish final spirit cannon turles finish meteor burst

Who is stronger turles or frieza?

Frieza is stronger than turles because when he battles the z warriors and vegeta he transform that mada his power level to 12,000,000. And turles is about 600,000 after eating the fruit and goku need to turn super saiyan in namek saga to kill frieza. By: A.k.A.

Is Goku related to turles?

No, he is related to monkeys however.

Why did turles die?

Obviously, because they were lacking the essential "t."

Who is stronger bardock or turles on Dragon Ball Z?


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