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Honestly I'm not sure that I understand your question. Turtles grow the same way any other living thing grows... taking in nutrients and converting them to energy (calories) which prompts growth. Obviously this is the short simplified version... but it is the same with all living things. We all grow the same way.

no-one Leah eats them

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Q: How do turtles grow?
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How long can turtles grow?

how long can they grow

Do all turtles grow big?

All turtles grow to many times their hatchling and juvenile size, sea turtles grow quite large of course but the majority of currently sold pet turtles will also grow to sizes that are expensive to manage especially if female.

Can turtles tail grow back?


Do you put turtles in the freezer to grow?


How large can sea turtles get?

Green Sea turtles can grow up to 400 lbs and 45 inches. Black sea turtles are smaller, and grow up to 278 lbs. The largest sea turtle are the Leather Back turtles, who grow up to 1,000 lbs and 6 foot.

Can sea turtles grow in their shells?

They are born in a shell but no they cant grow in one because sea turtles cant go back in their shells

Can turtles grow mustaches?

No. Turtles are incapable of growing any type of facial hair.

Do turtles grow bigger in a bigger tank?

Turtles grow according to their genetic make-up. They will grow until they reach their adult size - regardless of the size of the tank they're kept in !

How old can turtles grow to?

over 100

How big do painted turtles grow to be?

A painted turtle can grow to be a maximum of 25cm

Why do baby sea turtles grow up with out a mom or dad?

turtles lay they egg and leve

Do crabs eat turtles?

Yes they do, however when turtles grow to be mature size they eat crabs.

Do turtles grow and develop?

Yes, turtles grow and develop as well, any living thing, which is having food and other mechanism of body, the definitely they will grow and develop as normal. Turtles are also like any normal live animal and hence bound to develop.

How long do turtles get?

It really depends on the type of turtle but most fresh water turtles don't grow over 3 feet long now land turtles can grow up to 4 feet in adult hood

What are the sizes turtles can get?

Turtles can grow anormas. All types of sizes there are so many types also.

Is cricket a good food for turtles to grow?

Yes Crickets Are good for turtles growth and cells in its shell

How big will a pet turtle get?

Depends on the species. Red eared sliders can grow to about a foot and other sliders can grow a simular size. Many painted turtles will grow about nine inches (however southern painted turtles usually stay slightly smaller). Sea turtles (which are not really available in the pet trade), most species of snapping turtles, and most species of tortoises grow many feet long. Unlike mammals, male turtles stay smaller than female turtles so they generally make better pets. The smaller the turtle the less space, time changing tanks, food, etc. it consumes. Musk turtles, male map turtles, and male painted turtles tend to be the smaller adult turtles.

How big do sea turtles get?

Oh they don't grow

How big do box turtles grow?

Big as Hell

How big are hawksbill turtles?

they grow to be 45 inches:)

What Marios weakness?

Turtles and Flowers that grow out of pipes.

How big can turtles grow?

The biggest turtle is the leather back sea turtle and that is about 8ft so that is how big turtles can get.

How does a turtles shell grow?

no because it needs time to form

Do turtle shells grow with them or do they shed them?

turtles do not shed their shells.

How do turtles grow in their shell?

A turtle's shell grows as it grows.