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How do underdeveloped countries lift their economies through entrepreneurship?

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Entrepreneurs in underdeveloped countries increase economies by employing others. The more people management employs, the more they help their community.

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How other undeveloped countries uplift their economy through entrepreneurship?

how other under developed countries up lift theireconomy through entrepreneurship

What is the motto of Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship?

The motto of Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship is 'Entrepreneurship through Knowledge'.

How did india affect other countries through asia-?

India developed trade with China and opened up their economies to the world.

What are the Social and economic impact of entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship creates employment. Entrepreneurship improves the quality of life. Entrepreneurship contributes to more equitable contribution of income and therefore eases social unrest. Entrepreneurship utilizes and mobilizes resources to make the country productive. Entrepreneurship brings social benefits through the government

How can Filipinos be lured home?

through government support for private entrepreneurship.

Why does economy needs entrepreneurs?

It is through entrepreneurship thatimportant innovations enter the market leading to new products or production process which eventually increases efficiency through bringing competition in the market, which naturaly increases the countries national Production.

Social and economic contributions of entrepreneur?

1. Entrepreneurship creates employment. 2. Entrepreneurship improves the quality of life. 3. Entrepreneurship contributes to more equitable distribution of income taxes and therefore eases social unrest. 4. Entrepreneurship utilizes and mobilizes resources for greater national productivity. 5. Entrepreneurship brings social benefits through the government.

Which factor weakened communist governments near the end of the Cold War?

Social unrest spread through communist countries because of their poor economies and repressive policies.

What factors weakened communist governments near the end of the Cold War?

Social unrest spread through communist countries because of their poor economies and repressive policies.

Do economies go through ups and downs?

Yes, economies fluctuate, meaning they experience ups and downs, due to many factors.

Marketing channels can achieve economies of scale through?

contact expertise

Why underdeveloped countries prefer imitative entrepreneur?

Basically people of underdeveloped countries cannot take risk (due to lack of education, lack of social awareness, low finance,etc.). Hence they depend on Government to support in creating employment opportunities & expect government to set example in creating /building business organizations usually called as public sectors ( Like in Asia -India & Mexico). government act as creator , regulator & caretaker & helps independent entrepreneurs to come up gradually by following government initiatives. Through public sectors Government of a given nation may train people into industrial behaviour keeping them as employees. By & by it may develop them Intrapreneurs which lead to entrepreneurship. In India Persian community exhibitted entrepreneurial behaviour (in Jewish countries Jews exhibitted the same).Once the culture of entrepreneurship penetrates there is a possibility a society can find more risk takers. If social & cultural background of a country is not towards entrepreneurial behaviour imitative entrepreneur may be needed which a Government can do or a community may do such imitation. Contributor's ID--

What effect did old colonial boundaries have on newly independent African countries?

The lingering effects of colonial boundaries undermined efforts to build stable, democratic economies and states through out African states.

How can south Asia support over a million people?

South Asia supports far more than a million people. It does so through the various countries economies, trading, manufacturing and agriculture.

What is Lester Center for Entrepreneurship's motto?

The motto of Lester Center for Entrepreneurship is 'Leading Through Innovation'.

Should underdeveloped countries be given free or reduced cost medications?

It sounds nice in theory but has been a problem in practice. Most underdeveloped countries are underdeveloped due to corruption. Countries that have wiped out corruption have become developed. Developed countries such as Argentina and Venezuela, which were among the richest in the world, are becoming undeveloped through corruption. Cuba which was also one of the richest countries in the world became one of the poorest. Giving medications to the governments has resulted in their sale on the open market. They have not benefitted the people of those countries. There would need to be a mechanism to go around the government and get to the people. There would also need to be a way to pay the drug companies. The drugs should be purchased in large wholesale lots at a reduced rate. To force a particular company or set of companies to make a product and give it away would be the same as adding an additional tax on a particular set of companies.

What are two benefits of international trade?

One of the benefits of the international trade is that different economies are able to obtain a variety of goods through specialization. The other benefit of specialization is that it improves relationships between countries.

Which eight countries run through the alps?

No countries run through the Alps. But several countries are run through by them.

What are examples of a traditonal economy?

There are no pure traditional economy in the World now. India is not a traditional economy. Many economies continue with traditional small scale/ cottage/ village industries limited by local markets as well as traditional small scale fragmented land farming, but most economies have modern industries and transport, growing urbanization. None of the countries can be strictly referred to as traditional economies. And, many of the countries are exporting and importing through cross border trade. Many are capitalist economies, often mixed economies. Some are relatively closed economies with communist or religious dictatorships. If you mean which countries have small scale traditional industries coexisting with modern industries, then most undeveloped and developing countries fall in this category. They include, beside India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal. Vietnam, Indonesia,. Myanmar, , Mauritius, several poor African countries. A traditional economy is an economic system in which resources are allocated by inheritance, and which has a strong social network and is based on primitive methods and tools. It is strongly connected to subsistence farming. Most countries that have historically had a traditional economy have replaced it with a command economy, market economy, or mixed economy. However, it is still found today in underdeveloped, agricultural parts of South America, Asia, and Africa. A traditional economy is where people produce most of what they need to survive. Hunting and gathering, farming, and herding cattle are the bases of traditional economy. People hunt for the food they eat or raise it themselves. Often they make their own clothing and tools. If they produce more food than they need, they trade the surplus, or extra food, for goods made by others.

What is economies and dis-economies of scale?

Reduction in cost per unit resulting from increased production, realized through operational efficiencies. Economies of scale can be accomplished because as production increases, the cost of producing each additional unit falls.

What do societies with mostly capitalist economies distribute health care through?

a market system

Why is Luxembourg properous?

Luxembourg has been associated with many wealthy nations, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France. Through interactions and relations with these countries, Luxembourg has grown in parallel to their economies. Luxembourg is a member of Benelux and a founder of the European Union.

How can underdeveloped areas of the world find and use renewable energy?

Through capitalisms vast reach for human resources in a time of impending ressesion.

What two economies are important in most of Australia?

There are not two economies important in most of Australia, as Australia is a vast country with different resources. Agriculture is important through much of Australia, but of course, not the urbanised areas.Three of the most important economies in Australia are:MiningAgricultureTourism

How does entrepreneurship help in the economic development of a country?

The most important way entrepreneurship helps the economic development of a country is by creating jobs. People who are working have to spend money to live. Therefore the money is recycled back into the community and in turn, through taxes, the country.