How do veterans go about finding the educational benefits available to them?

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2011-03-18 12:29:33

Contact the local Veterans Affairs Office, the American Legion

or the VFW both which have a Service Officer.

If you served during a time when neither VEAP or the GI Bill of

being offered (between 1973-1978) then the only option you would

have is Voc Rehab. If you signed up for either the GI Bill or VEAP

(prior to the new GI Bill) you only had 10 years after leaving

service to use them. With Voc Rehab you had 12 years after leaving

service to use them. This question was asked on another site. This

is the answer provided.

I am a 20% disabled vet and I have never used any VA

educational benefits. I currently work for the city of Belleview,

FL and there is an opportunity for me to work at the water

treatment facility. I would like to know if I can get funding for

online courses from U of F for my licenses A-D. This position

appeals to me more as I get older and my physical condition gets

worse (joint problems) My time of service was 10/10/78 to 12/15/90

service connected medical discharge. Any assistance you can give me

will be greatly appreciated.

Well, the bad news is that, even if you signed up for the

Montgomery GI Bill, your benefits through that bill have almost

certainly expired. Benefits under the MGIB expire 10 years after

you last leave active duty service. The VA can grant limited

extensions if you were prevented from pursuing an education due to

medical disability or being held by a foreign power; if you think

you qualify for this, speak with your local VA office to get the

ball rolling on an extension.

You may qualify for benefits through the Vocational

Rehabilitation and Employment Program. This program provides

career-focused education and other assistance for veterans with at

least a 20% service-connected disability through the VA. Normally,

these benefits expire 12 years after you leave the military or are

informed by the VA of your disability percentage. However, the VA

can waive the time limit if you are found to have a "serious

employment handicap," in the judgment of the VA. Considering your

circumstances, I would recommend contacting the local VA office and

inquiring about the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment


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