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How do vets help people?

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Vets help people by making sure the pet is alright, because some people consider their pets as members of the family.

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How can vets help society?

Animal wise,of course! there are millions of people in the world that abuse their pets for enjoyment. Vets can help those ones and make the world a better place. LOVE YOU,VETS!

What person who helps animals called?

A person who helps people is called a vet. Vets are like doctors, but vets help animals instead of people.

What are people who help little kids in the hospital called?

there called vets

Who help animals?

Vets, wildlife protection charietys, some regular people help them in ways.

How can you help a rabbits broken leg?

Take it to the vets. The vets are very specially trained people, and will know exactly what to do about it. Hope this helps :)

What is similar about vets and doctors?

Vets and doctors both help people or animals to eliminate sickness and disease. They both consult patients!

Why are their vets?

vets are here to heal creatures and help them out

How does vets job help animals?

vets help animals in many ways just as a doctor

Can vets operate on people?

No vets only work on animals.

What do vets do to the animals?

Vets help your animal like if it has a injury or needs anti-biotics.

In being a vet can you inspire people?

i think vets can inspire people, because anyone who loves animals can see how they can help animals.

Do vets help lizards?

ask your vet.

Do vets have to help animals?

Yes, that's what they are here for.

What do vets do to animal?

Vets can help animals and know what to do with them. Lots of animals don't like going to the vets as they get nervous. Sometimes when they go to the vets there sexual hormones higher so sometimes they may hump or mate with another of there species.

What do vets do to help animals?

It depens on what kind of sickness the animal has

How can you help a dog that's peeing blood?

Take it to the vets

What specific tasks do vets have?

To take care of and help animals.

What are the general works of vets?

to cure or help sick animals

What science is used in a vets career?

the science used in a vets career is mostly drugs and antibiotics to put the animals to sleep or to help them get better.

What are the responsible to be a vet?

vets are to help all the animals and checkup on all the pets ..... or help the doctor

Where you trying to help the V Vietnam vets after they returned?

The government helped.

How do help a hamster die?

You don't. If the hamster is ill you take it to the vets.

How do you help a baby bunny when it cant breath?

Take it to the vets asap!

What is interesting about a vets job?

They get to see cute little animals and help them

Why do vets take care of animals?

Vets take care of animals because they are trained to take care of animals and NOT people.

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