How do volcanoes affect people?

Active volcanoes affect people in a number of ways.

When a volcano erupts it spews massive quantities of smoke and ash high into the sky. These smoke and ash clouds initally prevent the sun's rays from reaching the earth beneath them and this can cause the temperature to drop. The ash particles in the air can be so dense that it can make breathing almost impossible.

When the ash falls back down onto the earth beneath it, it coats everything. Houses and roads are covered and crops can be smothered if the ash layer is thick enough.

Lava flows are almost always too slow to run over people, but they can certainly run over houses, roads, and any other structures and completely destroy them.

So, for those living near active volcanoes, their homes, towns and villages can be completely destroyed, as can their crops. Their whole lifestyle can be ruined and sometimes their health can also be impaired, due to smoke and ash inhalation.