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Q: How do waterways link cities on the Great Lakes with ports in Europe or Asia?
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What are Michigan's major waterways?

great lakes

What are the fabled waterways that border Canada?

The Great Lakes

What big waterways are linked to the Great Lakes?

you are the fatest man alive

What linked the great lakes to the Atlantic ocean?

The Erie Canal linked the great lakes to the Atlantic Ocean

Which of these waterways connects the Great Lakes states with the rest of the world?

The Great Lakes are connected to the Atlantic Ocean primarily by the St. Lawrence Seaway, which was completed in 1958.

What two countries are linked by the Great Lakes and other waterways?

Canada and the United States

What two man made structures connect the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean?

Waterways and ports

2 man made structures on Great Lakes St Lawrence Seaway?

waterways, ports

What cities on the map are located on the great lakes?

Toledo & Chicago.

How do farm and industrial products from the Midwest get to markets elsewhere?

They get elsewhere by waterways such as the Mississippi river and the Great Lakes.

What cities are shown on the map are located on the great lakes?

Chicago, toledo, cleveland, and buffalo are along the coast of the great lakes

Which major landforms and waterways do the united states and canada share?

The major landforms and waterways that the United States and Canada share are Great Lakes, Rocky Mountains, and St. Lawrence.

Which cities is not located on one of the Great Lakes?


What cities are located on the Great Lakes?

Toledo, Toronto, and Chicago are all located on the Great Lakes.

What are the major cities near the great lakes?

Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Cleveland are all situated right on one of the Great Lakes.

What waterways connect with the Great Lakes via New York City?

The Hudson River and the State Barge Canal System (formerly called the Erie Canal) connect the Great Lakes and New York City.

What kind of major citys are in the Great lakes-StLawrence lowlands?

Toronto and Montreal are the 2 largest cities in the great lakes and st.lawrence lowlands

Which pair of cities is located on the Great Lakes?

Chicago and Toronto

How many cities are located near these great lakes?


Does Minnesota have any waterways or lakes if so what?

Minnesota has over 10,000 lakes... too many to name. It has dozens of rivers, the most notable is the Mississippi River. It also borders Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes.

How do ships get from the Great Lakes to Europe?

St Lawrence seaway

Which city is found on the great lakes?

Many cities are on the Great Lakes. Chicago and Toronto are two of the biggest. Others include Toledo, Windsor, and Detroit.

What are all the names of waterways?

Mississippi river great lakes great salt lakes Colorado river Okeechobee river Columbia river

What advantage might cities located on the great lakes have over other cities?

bigger water basin

What grew in the Midwest along the great lakes?

Inland port cities.