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How do we delete a Trojan and a virus of your computer?


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Have a look at AVG free anti virus

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It can erase your hard drive!They can delete your files.

You computer is working furiously to get rid of the virus, but it has not stopped working. give it a while to finish and it will be okay.

There are many ways one can remove a trojan virus from one's computer. One can remove a trojan virus from their computer by downloading a virus removal software such as Sophos.

A trojan virus is worse than a normal virus and is more likely to crash your computer

You can get a Trojan virus from going on untrustworthy websites or downloading stuff from the internet.

A virus that hides in a file that, when you run it, infects your computer.

A trojan horse (a computer virus).

it is a virus ,if download that it is harmful for your computer

You'll need to buy a good anti-virus tool.AnswerWhat Is Trojan?A Trojan (or Trojan horse, Trojan virus) is a kind of malware which appears to perform a desirable function for the user but instead facilitates unauthorized access to the user's computer system. Trojan virus are designed to allow a hacker remote access to a target computer system. It is very dangerous for you that to have a Trojan installed on your system. Your PC will be attacked easier than before. Trojan provides others with approach to control your computer. Trojan virus not only slows down the computer performance but also collects your private information, deletes PC files maliciously, steals your passwords, modifies your system settings, and monitors your computer activity. If you don't remove Trojan hidden on your computer and keep running the risky system, your computer will get more and more unstable and someday the system would be crashed. How to remove Trojan easily?There are many a Trojan removal solutions available on the Internet. Any one of them may probably help you remove Trojan virus. However, we are now talking about which removal solution is the best and most effective one. Nobody wants to waste much time to remove Trojan virus. The most common way to remove Trojan virus is to delete the program which contains Trojan. And you have to find out the program with problem firstly. It is really a time consuming method for you to remove Trojan virus. Therefore, you need a Trojan removal tool to help you clean your computer.

A Trojan is usually programmed to auto execute

Computer viruses do not have names like Trojan 78. There is Trojan, traps There is many more.

There are few ways to get rid of a Trojan you can either 1. Get an anti virus and scan your computer hoping to get rid of the virus. 2. You can do a complete system restart by buying a windows 7 disc and installing it into your computer this will delete all of your system files and folders and any applications but is sure to fix your computer.

Trojan horse Probably a Trojan Horse or a Worm

it sees if you have got a virus on your PC and if it is something like norton you can delete it but do not get the virus checker called spysherrif, it is a Trojan!

Go to and download the free virus protection. You must completely remove your other type of virus protection first and then avast will delete the Trojan for you.

a trojan is a horse or computer virus that looks like a good thing but is not. a trojan is just and old horse.

A Trojan clicker is a Trojan computer program virus. Once on your computer, it remains in your system's memory and makes attempts to connect to specific websites.

to get rid of a computer virus just delete System32 in your computer it is where they all hide just delete the whole file it always works for me

You could get a Trojan by visiting an unsafe website, and downloading an infected file.

it can delete your programs

Put all important files in an external hard drive, delete all files on the computer, not the external drive, empty the recycle bin, copy drive to computer, then you're done.

To delete a Trojan, you should try to buy a good anit-virus program like Norton Antivirus, Windows Live Onecare, etc. Then, just run a scan. The scanner will ask if you want to delete the Trojan, and you should click accept. Done.

i went to dl AVG anti-virus version 7 and it manages to detect the Trojan and delete most of them... as for those which are unable to heal or delete... try to go to the foler that consists of the infected file and the anti virus shd prompt u abt the Trojan... den.. u can safely delete the Trojan horse... hopes it help...

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