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Answer We treat them with suspicion. We consider then to be mentally inferior and congenitally deaf. Which is why we speak to them slowly, using small words, and loudly. To compensate for their apparent deafness we also gestuculate wildly, although we have never learned to sign.

Answer2: Often people are afraid of others who are different from them. But listen, everybody doesn't act stupid when they meet others who speak a foreign language. Just smile, smiles are universal and they cost nothing. People need to stop thinking that they are superior and others are inferior just because their language, customs, food etc. is different. The world is a melting pot and becoming more and more so. I am learning Italian, Spanish and Macedonian. Get on the ball and promote love, unity and peace by learning to say hello in a number of languages. Along with hello a smile and a simple handshake promotes goodwill and peace.


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To communicate with people of different cultures. You are more likely to better interact with people if you speak their language (even if it is only beginner level). Also, certain jobs require people to be able to speak more than 1 language.

French do not speak a different language: they all or nearly all speak French. The people who do not speak French, are the ones using a different language.

So you can interact with many different people of different nations.

Yes, the people in Italy speak different languages than the people in America.

They speak a different language, Slovak.

So you can speak to people who don't speak your language.

To talk to people in different languages, get someone you know who CAN speak that language. If you don't know anyone, get their dictionary and try to speak their language

People in Melanesia speak the pidgin language because Melanesia includes many islands with people that speak different languages, so some people combine the languages to make the pidgin language.

Most New Yorkers speak English, but you have to remember that people from all over the world live there, so some people may speak a different language.

If you can only speak one language that's fine because it suits the environment that you live in but if you speak more than one language that's even better because you can speak to foreign people and will be able to speak a particular language when you go to a different country.

ancient people spoke thousands of different languages.

Of course, people in London speak different languages if they come from different countries and move there, but the official language is English.

No they can only speak one language and speak Chinese

Hindu is not a language, it is a Religion. This is like asking where do people speak jew or Christian? Followers of Hinduism speak many different languages.

They speak the Jawoyn language.

In Communist (mainland) China. Mandarin is the official language and spoken by the majority of people but differing regions speak different languages.

You should always speak the common language of the place you work. If your native language is different than the common language, it is counterproductive and rude to speak it at work.

They should speak different languages so that they can speak to other people who don't have the same language as them and also it is good for getting a job, if someone sees on your report that you are qualified for more than 1 language you get more opportunities and also you can learn what other religions believe if you know a different language so that you can understand what they believe if it is written or read in a different language.

language,which stand for a mean of communication among the people which also delineate their customs and culture likewise,if a person speak different languages he may undergo some of the influences of that language he it does throw the light over the culture of that spoken language.

About 400,000 speak it either as a first language or a second language.

you can talk to more people in different countries, and you can brag it to your friend and speak in different languages(:

India means a country were people live they speak different language

people speak in diffrent laguages.

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