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How do we see yourselves?

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How to use yourselves in sentences?

Behave yourselves!

What are three pronouns that end in -elves?

Three pronouns are ourselves, themselves, yourselves.

How i can use yourselves in a sentence?

I want you to take good care of yourselves, folks.

What is the Hindu's code of conduct for individuals?

be true of yourselves or the gods be true of yourselves or the gods

What is the gcf for 45 90 and 105?

The answer is 15. Now, if you want to do yourselves a favor, sit down and see if you can figure out where it came from.

What is the Russian motto?

"Russia, Rus. Defend Yourselves! Defend Yourselves!" At least I think so...

When can we use yourselves?

Yourselves is a plural reflexive pronoun. Reflexive pronouns usually relate back to the subject of the clause or sentence:You helped yourselves to the food! - relates to you"I think you should clean up the mess yourselves" - relates to you.Other reflexive pronouns and the pronouns they relate to are:Singularmyself - Ihimself - heyourself - youherself - sheitself - itPluralyourselves - youourselves - wethemselves - they

Plural of yourself?


What is plural for yourself?


How long have Earthquakes and Landslides have been on earth?

Sence the Earth is close to the sun no it is not cold it is sometime cold and sometimes not but you see for yourselves by exsperimenting I did it you do it. :)

when is it correct to use your selves in a sentence?

Reflexive pronouns always "reflect back" to the subject of the sentence or clause. Yourselves is one word. A sentence for it would be - You must wash yourselves, or you will soon be yourselves again.

In coming years where do you want to see yourselves?

State that you see yourself at the same company in a more valuable role in coming years. This lets the employer know you will be an asset and have long term goals.

How can you use the word yourselves in a sentence?

• Enjoy yourselves! • Destroy yourselves! • Talk amongst yourselves. All but the middle one of these is a fairly typical, fairly common exclamation. The first might be addressed to partygoers, the last to a group of people waiting for an informal group job interview when the interviewer has been interrupted.

How can you fix this sentence The best of luck with the planning for yourselves conference?

How can you fix this sentence? The best of luck With the "Planning For Yourselves" conference.

What is a good compound sentence for yourselves?

You couldn't make up a good sentence for yourselves, so you looked it up on

How do they help the cell?

by killing yourselves :)

What part of speech is yourselves?


What does multipliquense in Spanish?

multiply yourselves

How do you save yourselves from Ebola?


What sentence uses a pronoun that the person spoken to?

The person spoken to is called the 'second person'. The second person pronouns are: you, yours, your, yourself, yourselves. Example sentences: Jack, you are a good friend. How many of you are there? The tuna sandwich is yours. Your friend brought your homework. You can see for yourself how easy it is. Make yourselves comfortable.

Is yourself plural?

No, singular. Plural: yourselves.

What is the plural of yourself?

The plural of yourself is yourselves.

How can you keep yourselves clean?

take a bath

How do you spell yourselves?

You just spelled it my friend

What is the plural form of the word yourself?