Great White Sharks

How do white sharks look like?

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What do sharks look like and what colour are they?

sharks are white and grey they look like sharks

How do female Great White Sharks look like?

they look white. because they are called great white shark.

What do great white sharks babies look like?

They look like small editions of the adults.

What do newborn great white sharks look like?

large,but cute

What do sharks eggs look like?

sharks eggs are white and have purple gel in the middle that forms the baby shark

What does a great white sharks eggs look like?

great white sharks are live bearers not egg layers. this gives them the edge in the competition for food when they are youngsters

What did Megalodon look like?

a great white shark that could swallow present day great white sharks

What species are related to a bull shark?

Great white sharks are possible to be related to bull sharks. Great white sharks are somehow danderous like bull sharks. Great white sharks are possible to be related to bull sharks. Great white sharks are somehow danderous like bull sharks.

Do sharks like marshmallows?

Only Tiger Sharks do and some white, but sharks like grandma cookies better.

What do great white sharks look like?

great white sharks are white on there belly and gray on the top around 50 to 20 feet long , and usually have sharp jagged teeth that can produce 200 to 8,000 pounds of a bite

What shark attack human?

There are only a couple that don't attack human but Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks and The Hammerhead Sharks are the most common to attack human but others may if you look like pray

Do great white sharks have lungs?

No, like all sharks and fish they have gills.

How do babies sharks look when that are born?

exactly like mini sharks

Why are great white sharks grey on the top and white on the bottom?

it is like that

Are all great white sharks deadly?

All sharks are deadly to their prey - which is usually fish, seabirds, and seals. Great white sharks sometimes attack humans, but it's usually because we look like seals from underneath - they don't really like our taste, or nobody would ever survive a shark attack.

Do white sharks eat black tip sharks?

they might but sharks somtimes eat bigger spices like whales

How many grate white sharks are in the world?

There are no "grate white sharks". But there are great white sharks.

What is the great white sharks habitat like?

The ocean

Do sharks swim in Britain?

Some sharks do like the mako shark and basking shark but not sharks like the hammer head and great white and all the reef sharks however they think that many sharks like the great white as the ice caps are melting are migrating to Britain as the water is getting warmer from global warming.

How do great white sharks get their food?

Normally they attack from below, with a sudden rush at the prey. Great white sharks are the largest known predatory fish in the entire ocean. They are classified as a mackerel shark and their teeth often break off when they hunt their prey. This article will answer the question what do great white sharks eat, as well as look at how great white sharks find their prey and look at four interesting facts about great white sharks. Firstly, let's look to answer the question what do great sharks eat. Great white sharks are carnivorous (meat eater) and love to feast on animals with very high fat contents. Great white sharks primarily eat fish, tuna, stingrays, smaller sharks, porpoises, dolphins, whales, seals, fur seals and sea lions. Great white sharks have also been known to eat sea turtles. While great white sharks will attack sea otters and penguins they very rarely eat them. Great white sharks will also eat pig carcasses if they are in the ocean. So now you know the answer to the question what do great white sharks eat. Now, let's look at how they find their prey. Great white sharks primarily locate their prey based on smell and sound. They can hear and smell their prey from many kilometres away and start to move towards their prey. When the great white sharks are close to their prey they rely on their sight to spot their prey. Great white sharks typically stay below their prey and ambush them, taking them by complete surprise. Great white sharks typically attack their prey in the morning as it is harder to see the sharks at the bottom of the ocean in the morning.

What are sharks called?

Sharks have induvidual names like The hammer head or the great white shark

Do just sharks eat seals?

yes, some sharks like to eat seals like the great white shark.

Is Jaws a sterotype aganst Great White Sharks?

Yes, because the movie is saying that all great white sharks attack and eat people when not all of them do. Sharks don't attack unless they smell blood or you look like food (I've heard humans aren't on a shark's foodchain).

What do baby sharks look like?

They look like the big ones, just smaller.

Are all sharks bigger than orcas?

no! orcas are larger than most sharks some sharks are bigger like great white sharks,basking sharks,whale sharks and megamouth sharks

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