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The behavior of a wolf depends on their position in the pack. The Alpha and Beta wolves have stronger will and leadership, while Omega wolves are more passive.

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kin of the same but a little different

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How do wild wolves act in their habitat?

Wolves kinda act like dogs, and they act like they are tougher than most animals....

How do husky act?

like wolves

Which of these choices is a positive consequence of the Endangered Species Act with respect to gray wolves?

The wolves have come back from near extinction.

How do wolves act as a parents?

they look after the pups

How do Arctic wolves behave?

They act viciously and sometimes are in a pack.

How do guys act like wolves?

Howl to the moon d.a.

How do wolves act towards people?

Like people are chewtoys.

What is mean by the gang of a boys is like a pack of wolves?

It means they are as bad as a pack of wolves, they act like them I hope this answered your question!

Why do small dogs act like wolves?

because they want to die

Are gray wolves rare?

Gray wolves are enlisted endangered by Endangered Species Act (ESA) throughout USA with exception of some states.

Can wolves get sick if they touch silver?

You are thinking of werewolves, not wolves. Wolves are not harmed by touching silver. Silver bullets are traditionally used to kill werewolves. But of course, werewolves are mythical creatures. People cannot actually turn into wolves, although some people act as if they do.

How does a wolf act?

Wolves adopt from the same Genus as a dog, however wolves are the carnivorious dogs that remain in the forest and rocklands and feed on other animals. Wolves have an abnormal behavior and are aggresive when approached by an 'alien' or an unfamiliar animal.

How do wolves act to survive?

Intelligent pack animals, they work together to hunt and protect the young.

How do wolves tell which wolves are in their pack?

By scent. Each wolf has a different scent. Rarely a wolf can tell a pack member by a characteristic they have or how they act within the pack. But mostly by their scent.

Are there any laws protecting gray wolves?

Legal Status/ProtectionEndangered Species Act (ESA): wolves throughout the Lower 48 United States are listed as endangered except in Minnesota where they are listed as threatened. In Alaska, wolves are not listed under the ESA. Read more about wolves and the Endangered Species Act >>In Wyoming and portions of the Southwest wolves are designated as non-essential experimental populations, which isolates geographically-described groups from other existing populations and offers broader management regulations.

How do leopards behave?

well they behave like tigers but they also act like big cats well they are so they act like wolves when they are mad at someone

How are wolves and dogs similar?

they look the sameThey act the same:they sniff out foodthey killThey both howl

Name all the wolves in the world?

Alaskan Tundra Wolves, Alexander Archipelago Wolves, Arabian Wolves, Arctic Wolves, Baffin Island Wolves, Bernard's Wolves, British Columbian Wolves, Cascade Mountain Wolves, Dire Wolves, Eastern Timber Wolves, Ethiopian Wolves, Common Gray Wolves, Great Plains Wolves, Greenland Wolves, Hokkaido Wolves, Honshu Wolves, Hudson Bay Wolves, Iberian Wolves, Indian Wolves, Interior Alaskan Wolves, Iranian Wolves, Italian Wolves, Kenai Peninsula Wolves, Labrador Wolves, Mackenzie Valley Wolves, Mackenzie Tundra Wolves, Maned Wolves, Manitoba Wolves, Mexican Wolves, Mogollon Mountain Wolves, Newfoundland Wolves, Red Wolves, Southern Rocky Mountain Wolves, Texas Gray Wolves, Tibetan Wolves, Tundra Wolves, and Vancouver Island Wolves are all that I know of, and some of these might not even be around anymore.

What are all the wolves named?

There are many types of wolves some are Gray wolves, Red wolves, Eastern wolves, Maned wolves, Indian wolves, and Himalayan wolves.

Do Arctic foxes or Arctic wolves pull you along the snow?

Neither are domesticated and therefore will not act as sled dogs.

Can wolves eat other wolves?

yes but they usually don't do this generally- they do attack other wolves if they don't eat them (that's not a usual act either)Yes, if the pack of wolves are in a harsh winter of extreme conditions and they are growing hungry, they will usually attack old and weak wolves and devour their corpses. And sometimes, if they haven't got enough food to go around, they kill their cubs, as there are less mouths to feed.

How do wolves behave?

Wolves are animals, and behave like animals- specifically, they behave like wolves. Their behavior is not good or bad, it is like a wolf. If you are NOT a wolf, you may consider some of their behaviors to be bad (like eating things that are smaller and weaker than they are). If a wolf fails to act like a wolf, they are punished by the other wolves for not being wolfy enough.

How many kinds of wovles are there?

Arctic Wolves Timber Wolves Red Wolves Ethiopian Wolves Indian Wolves Asiatic Wolves European Wolves (probably extinct)

What is a collective noun of wolves?

The collective nouns are a pack of wolves or a rout (or route) of wolves.

Are there any wolves calm and nice to humans?

this is a very inappropriate question! are ANY wolves nice? ANY? Well wolves are no nice nor evil or mean. The only reason they do act mean is because they think of you or someone else as a threat to theirselves, their pups or to their pack theres ur answer