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We pee the same way men do. It is just that we don't have a 'pointer' so we have to sit down to do it or we would make even more of a mess on the floor than guys do.

I am a woman who loves to pee standing up because i do not like always having to sit down and pee. The trick is to spread your lips and pee really hard or you will make a big mess.

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Q: How do women pee?
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Do women pee?

Yes Women Pee, They Can Pee Standing Up But Most Pee Sitting Down.

Is it normal for men to watch women pee?

Yes it is, some couples pee on each other like some men like it when girls pee on them or if a girls on a toilet, why not? Women watch men pee!

What body part do women pee out of?

we pee out of the urethra

What do women pee out of?

the urethra

Can women pee like men?

Yes. Women pee. Go back to fifth grade health

How do women pee if they have to pee in the shower?

Get out of the shower and go in the bathroom

How do women in tribes pee?

they can pee any way they want

Where do the women pee?

Women urinate through their urethra.

Where do women pee out of?

their urethra

Who can pee further men or women?

Of course women, if they can direct their streams horizontally. Have you ever heard how women pee? It's much louder than men.

Do you women ever squat and pee in the shower?

nope, can't say i ever do, but lots of women just pee in the shower -minus the squating!

Do women teach their daughters to pee-pee standing up?

No we don't. There's no reason for it.

Do women injoy peeing on men or men drining there pee?

This is called golden showers and there are some women who enjoy having men drink their pee and vice versa.

Can a man and a women pee like a boy in the same toilet at the same time?

Yes, because the man has to pee like he usually does and women pee sitting down but like a boy, you have to stand up and aim you vagina properly to make the pee go into the toilet or else the pee is gonna be all over the floor!

Why do women pee in panty?

bacause they can

Do girls pee for along time?

It depends how much pee they have in their bladder. Older women tend to pee for longer. But it really depends on your bladder.

What do women pee with?

we pee out of the urethra, but we sit down we can also pee standing up, but most people sit down

Can you pee on a tree?

Yes you can in matter of fact alot of people pee on trees even women.

Can women pee in a urinal?

A girl could pee on the side of the road if they wanted to...

Why don't women pee standing up?

The anatomy of a woman doesn't allow that. Women could, but it would flow down the leg. There is no extra extension to pee out.

Why do men put pee in a bottle.?

It is only if they are stuck in traffic and are affraid to go outside and pee so they grab a bottle and pee in it! WOMEN CAN TOO!

Why do women wake up aroused?

from a women's point of view its because we are all warm down there and after holding pee for hours it stimulates your clit after you finally pee in the am. And sex dreams but mostly same as a man's morning wood its from holding pee.

What does a woman pee out of?

Women urinate from their urethra.

How do women pee in public?

They let it go

How much do you pee per day?

Men pee about 2 liters per day. Women pee about 3 liters per day.

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