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Assuming you didn't drain the system, you shouldn't have to burp it at all. Just keep the reservoir full and warm up the engine. it circulates through the reservoir and back to the radiator.

To "bleed" the cooling system on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier, there is a small brass bleeder valve located on the heater pipe that runs along the front of the motor (metal pipe). Open that valve a couple turns and pour in the antifreeze in the reservoir tank until antifreeze starts dripping from the bleeder hole. Tighten the valve, but be careful not to tight too tight, they are soft brass and break easy. Finish filling the reservoir to the Full Cold mark. After driving the car at least one time and letting it cool down, check the antifreeze level on the reservoir and fill as needed.

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Q: How do you 'burp' the line after replacing the upper radiator hose on a 1997 Cavalier 2.2 with no radiator cap?
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Where is the radiator cap on a 1997 Cavalier not referring to the overflow reservoir cap?

the overflow res. cap is the radiator cap on the 97 cavalier

Where is the coolant bleeder valve on a 1997 cavalier?

It's on the upper radiator hose that runs to the back of you engine. It's a little screw that is on a metal connector. I know because we have a 2000 Cavalier with it on that hose.

Where is temperature sensor located on a 1997 2.4L Chevy cavalier?

Where is radiator temperature sensor located on a 1997 2.4L Chevy cavalier

How do you fix a radiator leak on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier 4-cylinder automatic?

Remove the radiator and take it to a radiator shop.

Where is the engine coolant located in a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier?

In the radiator in the front of the engine

Where is the thermostat housing on a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

At the engine end of the upper radiator hose.At the engine end of the upper radiator hose.

Transmission leak after replacing radiator and hoses on 1997 GM Yukon?

Cooling lines from transmission to radiator?

1997 cavalier will not start after alternator change?

did you unhook the battery before replacing the alternator

Where is the radiator located on a 1997 Chevy cavalier?

Look down as soon as you open the hood!

What causes a 1997 Acura Integra to run hot after replacing upper radiator hose and the thermostat?

check to be sure that the thermostat is not backwards and is the correct heat rated unit for the car

Where is the horn on a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier located?

Usually at the lower section of engine in front of radiator

What does a thermostat hose look like for a 1997 cavalier?

no such thing...upper radiator hose usually comes out of the thermostat housing and into the radiator...that's big fat black hose. go check an autoparts website like auutozone and that'll show you.

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