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A good answer here will be an example of a time you successfully challenged and solved a work-related problem. It shows you're competent and that you derive satisfaction from work well done.

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How does extacy feel?

Words cannot describe...try it yourself.

What will you answer if the interviewer ask why you left your latest employer?

well i just feel for a change and want to do something better

How do you answer 'Describe the last time you did something that made you feel good about yourself' in a job interview?

I would describe a situation where I took a leadership position. Anything you have done that shows that you can take responsibility

What does amor rpopio mean?

It means what you feel about yourself, like loving yourself or something like that

Something about yourself that you feel good about?

you should feel good about everything in your body no just one think

Is self esteem believing in yourself because of prior accomplishment?

of course! Self Esteem is whenever you feel happy about something you did or something said something nice that made you feel better about yourself. If you want to have self esteem every day, say a compliment to yourself while looking in a mirror

How does it feel to win an olympic medal?

you would feel proud and happy with yourself (well how would you feel if you did something that wonderful for your country?!?!)

How does a tree feel?

They don't have feelings-if you mean to the touch, that's hard to describe but easily done by yourself.

How to make yourself feel good?

Do something to help someone else for free. Vibrator?

How do you get a man to fall for you?

You cannot force someone to feel something they don't but all you can do is be yourself.

What does it mean if you dream that your friend got beat up?

Your friend in the dream represents yourself. The dream is not about actually getting physically beaten up, but illustrates how you feel. Something has happened that has made you feel battered and abused. It might be a physical feeling, as when we feel achy and tired and say, "I feel like I was run over by a truck." Or the dream could describe emotional pain, feeling verbally mistreated. By substituting your friend in place of yourself, your mind distances yourself from the awareness of pain.

Can recycling be fun?

Yes because you feel good about yourself because you are doing something good for others in the world not just yourself.

What should you do when you feel hopeless?

Believe in yourself is mainly the key, and try to get it off your mind and do something.

How do you describe something that belongs to something?

You describe anything in the same way:Use the senses - what does it look like, sound like, smell like, feel like, taste likeUse emotion - how do you feel when you think about this thing?Use facts - what else do you know about this thing?

Which prom dress is better?

you should wear something you feel good about yourself in....if you like how you look and it makes you feel good and confident wear it....

What is the meaning of happy?

Is when you feel great and excited for something. It makes you feel good about yourself. You have high spirits and satisfaction. Opposite of angry and depressed.

How do you get her to break up with you?

If you no longer wish to be with her, be a man and break up with her yourself. Making her do so that you can feel better about yourself or something is pretty childish. If you want the relationship to end, do it yourself

What is a Ed-participle?

The past participle -ed is used to describe how people feel about something or someone.

What should you ask for your birthday?

ask for something which you have always wanted but don't feel like buying it yourself.

How do you write a paragraph about 'who am I?

Click the link to learn how to describe people. Then, describe yourself -- what do you look like, think like, feel like, act like. What have you done in your life? What has happened to you?

How do you make yourself feel good when you have nothing to feel good about yourself?

Remind yourself about the good things you can do.Another answerDo some volunteer work like; bring in an older persons trash cans, ask a neighbor if they need something when you go shopping, bake cookies and take them to a neighbor, friend or family member. This will make you feel good about yourself, honestly.

Should you hide something from someone to protect them?

If this thing you're hiding from them is something about them aswell then yes, but it really depends on how they would feel if they found out not through you. You should ask yourself this question and do what you feel is right.

Can you touch yourself?

Yes- you can touch yourself because it is totally normal. Touching yourself is something you may get addicted to doing. Do not feel ashamed or bad that you do it because it is soft. You can touch yourself anywhere because it is called getting to know yourself.

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