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How do you Change a drive belt on a 15.5 hp craftsman lawn tractor?



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It really goes pretty quickly all you need is a pliers to pull the pins that connect the mower deck to the tractor out. Start at the front and remove the 2 pins on on either side that hold the bars to the front of the mower deck. Then disconnect the cable at the rear of the mower deck from the cable stop. Disconnect the rear arms same as the front. There might be 2 more depending on the exact model up near the front tires. You should now be able to slide the mower deck out from under the tractor. Now you can see where the belt goes. Put the belt on the front(engine) pulley. working toward the back it will go around one stationary idler pulley and one tensioning idler pulley roughly opposite the stationary one and around the drive pulley, you might find its easiest to do the tensioning idler last. Reinstall the mower deck and voila. First time I did it took me about 25 min. mostly just locating all the pins to remove.