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It really goes pretty quickly all you need is a pliers to pull the pins that connect the mower deck to the tractor out. Start at the front and remove the 2 pins on on either side that hold the bars to the front of the mower deck. Then disconnect the cable at the rear of the mower deck from the cable stop. Disconnect the rear arms same as the front. There might be 2 more depending on the exact model up near the front tires. You should now be able to slide the mower deck out from under the tractor. Now you can see where the belt goes. Put the belt on the front(engine) pulley. working toward the back it will go around one stationary idler pulley and one tensioning idler pulley roughly opposite the stationary one and around the drive pulley, you might find its easiest to do the tensioning idler last. Reinstall the mower deck and voila. First time I did it took me about 25 min. mostly just locating all the pins to remove.

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How can you get your Craftsman tractor blades to engage?

Fix the drive belt.

How do you change a drive belt on Simplicity Broadmoor tractor?

2014 broodmoor tractor drive belt replacement

How do you change belt on STX38 John Deere lawn tractor?

How to change the trans. Drive belt on a john deere stx38 lawn tractor.

What is the belt length on a craftsman tractor model 917255930?

98.5 "

How do you replace drive belt on 22 hp craftsman lawn tractor?

One should always consult the owner's manual before attempting such a procedure. To replace the drive belt, one must first remove the mower deck. Then remove the old belt and belt guides. Follow the belt threading diagram on the underside of the tractor to place the new belt on the tractor. Replace the belt guides and the mower deck to finish.

How long is the belt for a craftsman 917255920?

The drive belt is 94.75" and the deck belt is 79.10".

What is the mower deck belt size on Craftsman lawn tractor model 944.607043?


What is the belt length for a craftsman tractor Lt 4000 42?

The belt length for a Craftsman tractor LT 4000 42 is 96 inches by three-quarter inch. This is assuming the same 42 inch mower deck is still in use.

How do you put a drive belt on a Kubota t1460?

I need to know the number for the drive belt. The one that drives the tractor.

Craftsman 917.275350 belt length?

The deck belt is 90 1/4" The drive belt is 95"

How to route a ground drive belt on a scotts 2046 model lawn tractor?

I need a diagram for a ground drive belt for John Deere S2546 lawn tractor.

What belt numbers are need for craftsman mower model 917.273280?

The drive belt is a Craftsman #140294 The deck belts are Craftman #'s 180808 & 174368

How do you change the belt on a john Deere 214 lawn tractor?

Which belt are you trying to change?

What belt is the primary belt on your lawn tractor?

The primary belt is the belt tha comes off of the engine. This could be one of two belts depending on your tractor. There could be a primary drive belt and a primary deck belt. Usually the primary belt refers to the drive belt on the engine though.

How do you change the belt on a Cub Cadet lawn mower?

what model and which belt? If it is a 1000 series you have a transmission drive belt and a deck belt. I you have a 2000 series or higher or a cub cadet with an IH logo then you only have one belt the deck belt and no drive belt you have a drive shaft. So the model of the tractor and what belt needs to be given before the correct answer can be given.Phil

What size belt does craftsman 917255920 take?

Deck belt is 1/2" wide 79" long. Tractor Supply has them pretty much every store.

How do you tighten a Motion Drive Belt on a Murray Lawn Tractor?

You will have to make sure you park on a flat serface before tightening the motion drive belt of a murray lawn tractor. Remove most of the parts from underneath the tractor until you can reach the belt. Tighten of loosen screws as needed.

Why would it be Hard to shift craftsman lawn tractor model 917.270514?

Either the drive belt is not releasing far enough when you press the clutch pedal or the brake is not engaging enough. You will need to see if the belt is still turning when you press the clutch pedal down.

Need size for mower deck belt for craftsman 917.257112?

I just relaced the same belt on the same model number tractor yesterday and it was an 88"x1/2".

How do you change a drive belt on a ford new holland LS55 lawn tractor?

Not an easy task. Never had to remove steering rods and break shaft set up to install a drive belt on a mower before.

Replace a vauxhall corsa drive belt?

how to change the drive belt

Belt for craftsman tiller 917.292481?

A Craftsman belt number 9180R or a Gates belt number 6841

How do you change a sanding belt on a craftsman 315.11750 belt sander?

You move the lever outward which loosens tension on the roller and makes the belt slack.

Need deck belt diagram for 4211 simplicty lawn tractor?

drive belt diagram 4211 simplicity hydro

Craftsman GT 5000 ground drive belt routing diagram?

The routing diagram for a Craftsman GT 5000 ground drive belt shows how the best must be wrapped around each pulley. It can typically be found on the underside of the housing or within the repair manual.

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