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Megger the body and the earth point. It should be zero

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Q: How do you Check for grounded electric motor?
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Where can someone purchase Fasco electric motors?

"Electric Motor Warehouse", "American Electric Motors", "North Jersey Electro", "Square One" and "e-motor Pro" are great websites to check for this motor. You can also check eBay.

What would a 24V DC motor read on a meg-ohm tester between on of the power terminals and the case of the motor if the motor is shorted--And grounded?


What is the function of an electric motor in terms of electric power and motor?

The electric motor changes electric energy into mechanical energy.

What causes an electric motor body to give an electric shock when a person touches it and the ground together?

That condition is called a "ground fault". That's when the insulation of the motor winding has a break somewhere, allowing current to leak to the motor housing. The motor SHOULD be grounded, protecting the user from electrical shock, but many older motors were not grounded, providing the potential for just this type of condition. Newer motors are often "double insulated", meaning that not only is the motor winding insulated, the motor housing is also insulated. Often the housing of a double insulated motor is made of a type of plastic.

What is earthing of electric motor?

This is avoided by grounding the motor frame. Both methods effectively produce a solid electrical connection straight to the stator laminations, allowing any insulation failure to be grounded via the end-ground user's conductor. Earthing is a technique in preventing electric shocks. To start, virtually all electric motors require grounding. The neutral earthing is given in the generator, transformer, motor, and other electrical devices by connecting the non-current carrying section to the neutral earthing.

What will happen if you touch electric circuit with wet hands?

Nothing if your body is not grounded, if your body is grounded you will receive an electrical shock.

What is the function of an electric motor in terms of electric power and motion?

The electric motor changes electric energy into mechanical energy.

How do you troubleshoot electric windows in 1996 buick century?

Check the fuse Check to see if you are getting power to the switch -if so see if you are getting power to the motor - if so probably a bad motor

Why it is that mechanical energy is the output of an electric motor?

Because that is the purpose on an electric motor.

The current in an electric motor comes from?

Power plants (fueled by elements) produce the electrical energy that circuits to an outlet that you can charge an electric motor with a plug that is wired to an electric motor. Or if it is a vehicle with an electric motor, you electrically charge car batteries that produce the current to the electric motor.

Why does only drivers side electric window work 1990 Toyota?

Bad motor? Check to see if you are getting powerBad switch?Open wire to motor?

When was the electric motor first invented?

The Electric motor was invented in 1821 by Michael Faraday.

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