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How do you Find the Greatest common factor of 12t and 18t?


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The factors of 12 are:

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12

The factors of 18 are:

1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 18

The common factors are:

1, 2, 3, 6

The Greatest Common Factor:

GCF = 6

The GCF of t and t is t.

The GCF of 12t and 18t is 6t.


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12t(t2-4) 12t(t-2)(t+2)

If you mean 20t^2 -12t then it is 4t(5t -3) when factored

The answer is 12t.

Divide all terms by -1: 5t2-12t-9 = 0 (5t+3)(3t-3) = 0 Therefore: t = -3/5 and t = 3 Use the quadratic equation formula.

If you mean: 9t^2 +12t +4 then it is (3t+2)(3t+2) when factored

assuming that you meant (360t + 10t3- 120t2 )then you can factor both 10 and T out of all three because it's a common factor10t(36+t2-12t), this is because if I was to times everything inside the bracket by 10t then I would have the original equation we started with.This can also be factored even more.(10t)(t-6)(t-6) because (t-6) X (t-6) is the same as (t2-12t+36)Thus the final factored form is (10t)(t-6)(t-6)

7s plus 8t plus 10s plus 12t can be simplified to 17s plus 20t.

That doesn't factor neatly. Applying the quadratic formula, we find two imaginary solutions: (1 plus or minus the square root of -191) divided by 24t = 0.0416666 repeating + 0.5758447900452189it = 0.0416666 repeating - 0.5758447900452189iwhere i is the square root of negative one.

It is 9t-16 when simplified

The answer is 55 + 12t.

There is no possible number that 't' could be that would make that equation a true statement. It has no answer.

T represent a Number that will be part of the operation in order for you to solve this problem.

I'm not sure but I think you first do this:t=4ร—3t=12so the answer is 12!!!!!hopefully, I helped!!!

12(t+6)+8=4(2t-1)+2t 12t+72+8=8t-4+2t 12t-2t-8t=-72-8-4 2t=-84 2t/2=84/2 t=42

(t + 3)(t - 15)Ask yourself, what factors of - 45 add up to - 12 ?t = - 3t = 15

12 (t -6) + 8 4 (2t - 1)Distribute: 12t-72+8 8t-4Combine like terms: 12+-64 8tSubtract 12t from each side: -64 -4tMultiply each side by -1: 64 4tDivide each side by 4: 16 tSo t = 16

That's really very easy, because [ 12t3 - 48t ] isn't a question, so there's no answer needed.All it is is a number, whose value depends on the value of 't'.If your class is working on factoring, then the teacher may give you this expression andask you to factor it. If that's what's happening, then [12t3 - 48t] is not the question.The question is: "What is [12t3 - 48t] in factored form ?" That would be12t (t2 - 4)

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You use the distributed property to find out if you have the same answer as you started out with. ex. 81x2+12t ...../....\..... ....9.....9...2....6 ..../\..../\.......|...... ...3..3.3.3xx.2....2.3t 3(27x2+2t) 3*27x2 3*2t 81x2+12t OR.. 9x2-1 = (3x+1)(3x-1) but to check it we multiple 3x and 3x to get 9x2 and theh 3x by -1 to get -3x then 1 by 3x to get positive 3x and then 1 and -1 to get a -1 so we end up with it looking like this 9x2-3x+3x-1 now since -3x+3x=0 we are left with the 9x2-1 the 9 needs to be multplied twice by the same number to get the number needed. so we have 9x2 needs to be broken up to 3x and 3x so that wen its multiplied we get 9x2 and for the -1.. we need to multiply the -1 by a positive 1 so that the can cancel out each other but we would get a -3x and a positive 3x that will cancel out each other to give us our final answer!

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