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How do you flirt on Instant Messaging?

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you put flirty faces like ;) or ;]

or when ur suprised and flirty you could put ;0 or ;o

and you can just say flirty things like 'your cute' or 'your hot'

or something like that

When my gf that I met through IM on 'dream marriage' was flirting w me, she was sending a lot of different emoticons. I think a lot of appropriate emoticons is the first indication of girl's flirt.

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What does IM mean in text messaging?

IM means instant messaging IM means instant messaging It means Instant Messaging

What is better IRC or instant messaging?

instant messaging.

Difference between instant messaging and text messaging?

Text messaging is on your ohone while instant messaging is in your computer (AIM)

Does yahoocom have instant messaging?

yes yahoo does have instant messaging err ok

Is instant messaging the same as IP messaging?


What do you think of instant messaging?

Instant messaging is one of the best and greatest form of communicating with people.

When did instant messaging start?

Instant messaging is a type of online communication where users can send text messages to each other in real time. Instant messaging started in the 1960's.

Does the Motorola i465 support instant messaging?

Yes, the Motorola i465 supports instant messaging. All that you need is a data plan from your service provider and you can begin instant messaging your friends.

Is instant messaging the same as windows live messenger?

windows live messenger is a form of instant messaging

What is example for instant messaging?

Chatting, texting through mobile phone or a device which applicable for instant messaging

In instant messaging what does ty mean?

Ty in instant messaging means Thank You.

How do you do a shark on instant messaging?


Which online dating site offers instant messaging for free?

Soulful Match is the name of an online dating site that offers instant messaging for free. SomeoneNew also offers free instant messaging.

Name something that begins with the word instant?

instant messaging, instant coffee...

Is sms is also instant messaging?

No. SMS is a cell phone application. Instant Messaging is primarily a computer function, but some IM programs have an SMS gateway that allows Instant Messaging from your cell phone. No. SMS is a cell phone application. Instant Messaging is primarily a computer function, but some IM programs have an SMS gateway that allows Instant Messaging from your cell phone.

Does IM stand for Instant isolant or insecure messaging?

IM stands for instant message. There are a lot of instant messaging services online including Yahoo Instant Messenger and Google chat.

What is messaging?

Messaging is when you send someone a message. There are many ways to message: Texting, Instant Messaging and MSN.

Is video instant messaging private?


When was instant messaging invented?


What is instant messaging on a phone?


How many people use instant messaging?

Apperantly more than 250 million people use instant messaging reguarly :)

Disadvantage of instant messaging?

One disadvantage of instant messaging is the problem with interpretation. Since you are not interacting with the person, you may misread what they are saying.

Does Gmail have instant messaging?

Yes, Gmail has instant messaging, aka, Google Chat. You can only IM with someone who is on your contacts, and has Gmail.

What is the difference between a chat room and instant messaging?

Instant messaging is only between 1 person. Chat room can have more.

When was Psi - instant messaging client - created?

Psi - instant messaging client - was created on 2001-07-07.