How do you Make a Good Yugioh Deck?

You need to make sure your deck is balanced, you will want 40 cards exactly, and you should have above 50% monsters, and then maybe 30% spells and 20% traps, but you can always change this around, you may also want to chose a deck type, here are some examples of deck types:

  • Beat down Deck, involves summoning strong monsters and destroying your opponents cards quickly.
  • Burn Deck, you use card effects to damage your opponent and prevent attacks.
  • Type/Attribute Deck, you use the effects of cards that have type or attribute specific effects, (such as dragons rage), and you have the right type of cards to go with them.
  • Synchro Deck, for the most part your deck involves syncro summoning your monsters quickly.
  • Fusion Deck, Using cards like king of the swamp you can fuse using only one card required for the fusion and substitute cards.
  • Exodia Deck, draw or search out cards to win using the effects of the forbidden one.
  • Destiny Board Deck, you try to use the effect of destiny board to win.
  • Archetype Deck, you use the archetype specific cards like hero barrier to go along with it's archetype.
  • Mixed Deck, these are decks that use just generally good cards, like slate warrior and marshmellon.

find some cards that are good with just about any deck. the cards i put in every deck are as follows

-Infinate Cards
-Mist Body
-Legendary Fiend (optional)
-Prohibition (if you know your opponents deck)
-Ring of Magnetisim (for marshmallon)
-Ekibyo Drakmord
-Gold Sarcophagus
-Gravity Bind
-Level Limit - Area B
-Mirror Force
-Mystical Space Typhoon
-Swords of Light
my point is just about any one of these cards would save me in a tight spot. however dont rely on getting just these cards, there are cards that can make these cards useless